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Christine Thevissen: Hooping in a Bubble

Christine Thevissen Have you ever dreamed of hooping inside of a giant transparent bubble? Well, Christine Thevissen discovers a sphere of infinite possibilities in hers, using its space to spin up a beautiful performance that isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before. Well, we were able to share some performance highlights of this act three and 1/2 years ago, but we’re delighted to finally have a full bubble performance from Christine for you now. She is one of several artists who have entered the Spheric E-motion bubble of performers based out of Berlin, Germany, and Bordeaux, France, and you can watch other types of bubble videos here. The soundtrack for her performance is “To Forgive But Not Forget” by Outside and it’s available on iTunes.

Noy Kleiner

Limor Benasuly In-D-Negev Music and Arts festival. The festival was held this year in Mizpe Gvulot in the Negev Desert in Israel, and Noy’s hooping at the event is a sight to behold. The soundtrack to this is simply the live music that was playing at the time and over 80 acts performed at the event, now in it’s seventh year. In-D-Negev was formed to develop human consciousness, refreshing and illuminating man himself and his environment with a stable, close and direct communication to the world of creativity and inspiration and thriving culture. Video by Limor Benasuly.

Maryève Gaudreau Performs at Hoopcamp

Maryeve Every so often you find a book. A book that completely pulls you in, holds you up, and never lets you down. Watch as this story unfolds, as it is told through hoop dance, a story spun like a beautiful dream you hope not to wake from before its over. Our Hooping Idol 3 winner Maryève Gaudreau of Hula Hoop Quebec gets super creative with this beautiful performance at Hoopcamp 2013 in Watsonville, California, just as you’d expect from her Hooping Idol victory earlier this year. She lives in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, and the soundtrack is “Cheft el Khof” by Orange Blossom and it is available Cheft el Khof - Annie Nightingale Presents Y4K" target="_blank">on iTunes.

Bringing The Hoop To Our Dance

Hoopdance [Casandra Tanenbaum joins our Hooping.org columnists this week and kicks things off by inviting us to dance.]

by Casandra Tanenbaum

As a hooper, I find myself to be a hoopdancer. And what exactly does THAT mean in this community? One can find hundreds of variations of styles and personalities in the ever-growing worldwide community of hoop enthusiasts. Notice fitness specialists, extolling the virtues of hooping as a movement modality for weight loss and cardiovascular health. There are meditative hooping circles with a daily hoop practice spinning on a spiritual path. Object manipulators and flow artists utilize the hoop as one of many tools for exploring the range of rhythmic articulation in movement to craft mesmerizing visual delights. And what of the hoopdancer? What exactly does it mean to bring the hoop into your dance? While I delight in being able to Wow an audience, and meditative movement draws me into a state of flow with ease, I am most interested in the moment when my hoop becomes my dance partner.

Silvia Pavone: Atma

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Silvia Pavone has inspired us to start work on a couple of new moves. We have a feeling she’ll be doing the same for you. She performs here on New Year’s Eve with Circus Marcel in Schoten, Belgium. She lives in London, England, UK. Video by Thomas Forsyth. Soundtrack: “Moan” by Trentemøller (on iTunes). .