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The Escalator with Rachael Lust

Rachael LustRachael Lust of RachaelLust.com is here with a brand new hooping tutorial for you, and what will she be teaching us today? Well, it’s a pretty cool move called “The Escalator” and what’s so cool about it is even if you’re brand new to hooping, with a little coordination and practice you can learn this one – and it’s got a wow factor light years beyond it’s simplicity. Pick up this trick and you’ll be dazzling your friends in no time. Rachael lives in Marion, Ohio, USA.

The Knee Hook Jump Through with Lauryn Yovino

Lauryn Yovino Hooping Lauryn Yovino of Snowflake Hoops Inc. makes her hooping.org debut with this fun tutorial. She’s here to teach all of us a move that she is calling the “Knee Hook Jump Through”. Lauryn shows us two different variations on it too, one that is more basic that is good for even those just starting out, and the other is more advanced so you’re sure to spin up something fun with this trick at any level. Maybe you can come up with a few variations of your own as well. Lauryn lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Elbow Hooping Tutorial with Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell In this tutorial, Maria Mitchell of the Hoopaholics explains how to elbow hoop with twins and alternate your arms in and out of the hoop. She says, “Elbow twin hooping can be pretty tricky as the distance between our elbows and shoulders is short, which leaves little room for error. With enough patience and practice, this elbow twin hooping move can become a fun way to mix up your hoop dance practice.” Not twin hooping? No worries, you can apply this technique to a single hoop too. Maria is from Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia.

Get Your Hoop Dance Jumping with Miss Strange

Miss Strange Jump throughs are a basic staple move tthat jazz up hooping repertoires everywhere, including that of Miss Strange, aka Heather Blount-Elliott. She decided to make them the topic of her new tutorial. Watch her slow down each part of two different type of jump throughs too; one from a standing position, and one from a weave. She does a great job of showing the hand movements involved in these tricks too, sharing it all from various angles. So get jumpin! Miss Strange lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.