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Palm Balance Into Vertical Chest Roll Combo

Layla Wentink Hooping Layla Wentink, better known in the hooping community as “Orlala”, offers up some helpful advice in this new hooping tutorial teaching us a fun hand balance to chest roll combo! Watch and listen closely to her tips on proper balancing technique and the illusory trick in this technical roll and you’ll be spinning this one into your mix in no time. Layla currently lives in Duvall, Washington, USA.

Vertical Kickstart into Wedgie with Babz Robinson

Babz Robinson Need some extra flavour in your spin today? Never fear! Babz Robinson is back to add some spice with a brand new hooping tutorial on a “Vertical Kickstart into Wedgie combo”. Not only will this combination leave you feeling like a magician once you get it, Babz makes sure we all leave feeling good about our “luscious thighs” and “sexy quads” too. With her signature slow motion move breakdown and all angle shots, you’ll be rocking this up in no time! She lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Hand Passes with Katherine Aurora Callahan

Katherine Aurora Callahan Hooping.org’s Katherine Aurora Callahan of Hoopy and Hooping Idol 5 is back and this time she’s spinning up some more hooping tutorials for beginners, right now with an emphasis on transitions. Transitions are those things that can help get you from that cool hoop move to that other one, or from one plane to another. This tutorial is all about hand passes. “I share how to pass the hoop from hand to hand, while the hoop is spinning vertically or horizontally, without breaking the flow.” She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Let’s Learn Leg Axis Spins with Lisa SparkGirl

Leg Axis Spins with Lisa SparkGirl Our very own Lisa SparkGirl of Hiptronic Arts is here with a hooping tutorial for you. This time around she’s going to be teaching all of us how to do a move she’s calling the “Leg Axis Spin”. She breaks it down with some great instruction and it’s a similar move to the neck spin, only you’re doing it on your leg. You can do it on either leg or both if you choose too. Give it a spin for yourself! You’ll be glad you did. Lisa lives in Pahoa, Hawaii, USA.

Let’s Learn Hand Spin Combinations with Jana Beck

Jana Beck Jana Beck is back with a brand new hooping tutorial for some Hand Spin Combinations, or “Flip Combos” if you prefer. She says that that hand spins or flips provide “shimmering” moments during your hoop dance and we couldn’t agree more. They’re also fun to learn at any hooping level. In her tutorial you’ll learn three and Jana says, “So have fun while flipping!” She’s teaching in German, but you really don’t need to know the language to follow along with her lesson. Go for it! She lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

A Vertical Knee Breaks Combo with Rachael Riot

Rachael RiotRachael Folts, aka Rachael Riot of Rachael Riot HoopDance and Hooping Idol 5, has come up with a really crafty new vertical knee breaks combination for us to wrap our heads and hoops around.
She has broken it down for us with really clear instructions and a great demonstration of the two variations of vertical knee breaks, neck hooping and some interesting ways of getting in and out of this move. This combo is definitely one to keep you entertained. Rachael lives in Jamestown, New York, USA.

The Conveyer Belt Fold with Kassandra Morrison

Kassandra Morrison Kassandra Morrison of Kassandra Morrison Performance Art is back sharing a brand spanking new hooping tutorial. She says this one is a “Much requested tutorial on a little diddly I call the Conveyor Belt Fold! Great entry way into folded tosses, step throughs escaltors and more.” Give this one a spin for yourself! Kassandra currently lives in Akron, Ohio, USA, and the soundtrack that she’s teaching to here is “Tigers Eye Pad” by Thriftworks and you can score a copy of it for your own collection on iTunes.

The Slingshot with Carron McCabe

Carron McCabe hooping Carron McCabe of Hooptality is here to show us how to do a move that she likes to call “The Slingshot” – and when you see her do it you’ll understand why that’s a great name for it too! The trick combines a wedgie and a foot roll-up into one fluid movement that will add a fun pop to your hooping and really make you stand out. Don’t forget to consider the helpful tips Carron includes too, such as practicing barefoot and making sure the diameter of your hoop is the right size. Carron lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Rotating Anti-Spin Flowers with Ziggy Starshiine

Ziggy Starshiine In case you didn’t think anti-spin flowers were fancy enough, Ziggy Starshiine, otherwise known as Jessica Juniper, is here with a brand new hooping tutorial to show us how to rotate them 360 degrees! Wowz! Ziggy breaks this awesome trick down with some really clear instructions and even shows us at the very end of the video how it can be done with twin hoops too. Are you ready to take things to a whole new level? Then try giving spinning your flowers 360! Ziggy lives in Paintsville, Kentucky, USA.

Twin Hooping Drills with Caterina Suttin

Caterina Suttin Twin Hoops If you’re looking to sharpen your twin hooping technique and add some structure to your training, Caterina Suttin’s latest twin hooping tutorial is just what you’ve been waiting for. She walks us through a series of off-body twin hooping drills that are designed to prepare and warm-up the body for twin hooping, increase dexterity and coordination, and help us nail those flat planes that we’re looking for. Filmed in beautiful Bali by Morgan Jenkins of Hooptown Hotties, Caterina lives in Austin, Texas, USA.