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Vive la France Hoop Dance!

HoopDanceFrance This fantastic video montage features a menagerie of hoopers from across the country of France! These 47 circular spinners from Paris to Marseille display a wide variety of talent, from single to multiple hoops, group choreography, fire dance, yoga and even belly dance! Some of the featured personalities include familiar Hooping.org faces such as Lila Chupa Hoops and Hooping Idol 4 favorite Flavie Hooplavie. With such a colorful crew and spunky soundtrack, this video is not to be missed!

Hooping It Up with Dana Slifer

Dana Slifer Dana Slifer makes her hooping.org debut in this slick and sweet little video that we all fell in love with. Spinning it up outdoors surrounded by green, Dana nails a whole series of hoop moves and spins up some beautiful flow along the way too. She lives in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is “Short Cut Detour” by Pretty Lights and you can score a copy of it for your own collection quite easily over on on iTunes.

Let’s Learn Horizontal Mandalas with Sarah Schireman

Sarah Schireman Sarah Schireman of Hooping Idol 5 is here with a brand new hooping tutorial and she’s going to be teaching us how to do “Horizontal Mandalas”. In this tutorial for one of her favorite moves, Sarah breaks it down so you can really understand how to make it happen, and then she serves the move up in slow motion from different angles too. You can give this one a spin at pretty much any hooping level too. Sarah lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and the music playing in this is “Gold (Candyland & Revoke Remix)” by Adventure Club featuring Yuna and you can get your copy of it on on iTunes.

9-year-old Savannah Hoopstar is Ready to Roar

Savannah Hoopstar Savannah Hoopstar is here making her hooping.org debut with an outstanding performance she recently did at a state talent show. Here she astonishes her audience with her impressive foot hooping, immaculate mini double hoop technique, and just when the crowd thinks her performance is over, she lights up the stage and performs with her colorful LED hoop. Can you believe this little entertainer is only 9-years-old and has only been hooping over a year now? She lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Roar” by Katy Perry, which you can grab your own personal copy of over on iTunes.

LED Hoop Dancing with Ashlei Nichols

Ashlei Nichols LED Hooping Ashlei Nichols takes her LED hoop out after dark and with the picturesque skyline of Charlotte behind her, she spins up an enchanting hoop dance that captivated us from start to finish. With grace and a little sass, Ashlei is a delight to watch. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is “Reconsider (Jamie XX Edit)” by The XX and you can get a copy of it for your own collection quite easily over on .

Hooping Idol 5: It’s Our Season Finale!

Hooping Idol 3 Finale FEAT

Welcome to the season finale of Hooping Idol 5! It’s our sixth exciting week in our quest to find the planet’s next great hooper star and the stakes have never been higher. Our three remaining finalists have all spun up something amazing for you and your votes and it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the Hooping Idol 5 Season Finale!

For those just tuning in, we put out the Season 5 Casting Call, introduced you to our 21 contestants and our special guest celebrity judges. Then we kicked things off spinning our way back to the early 1980’s for New Wave Week. In our New Wave Week Results Show, six were eliminated. Next up came Disney Week and 5 more were sent home. After that we had a great time with Pop Music Week and thanks to a tie only 2 more were eliminated. Then came Science Fiction Week which resulted in 3 more contenders were eliminated, followed by Performance Week and 2 more were eliminated.

Our final three had one last video to make and their Finale Week entry was entirely up to them. After all, if they’re going for the title and a shot at winning our Ultimate Hooping Idol 5 Prize Package, they should be doing so at this point entirely on their own inspiration. There was no theme for this week, nothing to guide them or restrain them. We couldn’t be more proud of all of three our contestants and wish each of them the best of luck.


Seated at the judge’s table throughout season five have been Rachael Lust of RachaelLust.com from Marion, Ohio, USA, Nick Broyd of Nick Broyd Hoop from Bristol, England, UK, Bunny Hoop Star of Hoop Empire in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and Katie Sunshine of Katie Sunshine Hoops in Conway, Arkansas, USA. They’ve been sharing their thoughts and advice all season long when it comes to just what our Hooping Idol 5 contestants are up to.

idols And joining us at the judge’s table for the Season Finale are three incredible ladies who know exactly what it takes to win Hooping Idol, because all three of them did it themselves. Let’s give a great big welcome back to the winner of Hooping Idol 2: Hannah Carter of Green Fairy Hoops from Bristol, England, UK, the winner of Hooping Idol 3: Maryève Gaudreau of Hula Hoop Quebec from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, and
the winner of Hooping Idol 4: Esmeralda Garcia of Esmeralda Garcia Performance from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. We’re so excited to have them here sharing their thoughts on our season five finale as well!

philo This season our contestants also received mentoring advice publicly and behind the scenes from Hooping Idol’s host Philo Hagen. The Managing Editor of Hooping.org and two-time Hoopie Award winner for Video of the Year and Male Hooper of the Year will not, however, be scoring our contestants.

Our Ultimate Hooping Idol 5 Prize Package includes a Glamping Tent Package and performance showcase spot at Hoopcamp 2015 in Boulder Creek, California, USA, a coveted registration to the already sold out Austrian Hoop Convention in Vienna, Austria, an incredible registration to the German Hoop Convention in Hannover, Germany, as well as a registration to Australia’s hoop gathering – Hoopy Happenings in Sydney, Australia. Our new Hooping Idol will also be getting their hands on an amazing Atomic Evoke 4 Smart Hoop from Astral Hoops, two months of free advertising from Hooping.org to jumpstart their career or business, a $250 gift certificate from HoopSupplies.com, the fantastic fire hoop of their choice from Synergy Flow Arts, a $150 gift certificate to look great too from Hoopclothes.com, an Eco Hoop – the world’s first fully recycled plastic hoop – and a Hoop Revolution Core Foundation DVD from our friends at Hoop Revolution, plus the award winning hoop dance documentary The Hooping Life on DVD and a deck of super cool hooper playing cards.

IdolPrize 4
The Hooping Life

A great big thank you to all of those in our community who have so generously donated prizes for this season, and to all of our judges for taking time out of their hectic schedules to share their thoughts with all of us this week.

There were no constraints or requirements for Finale Week, giving our finalists free reign to spin it up just as they wished. After all, with a prize package like that on the line we didn’t want anything standing in their way. So, is everybody ready? Here we go for one last round! We proudly present our final three contenders, presented in an order that was randomly drawn out of a hat.

Sky Spins It Up in Almería

sky flow artist Are you ready for something delicious? Good, because this dreamy hooping video featuring Sky, filmed during that magic hour just before dusk, is a tasty one indeed. She spins up some stunning moves in a gorgeous setting and the end result is simply sublime. She lives in Brighton, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this one is “Nuances” by Mo’ Kalamity and you can download a copy of it for your own collection over on .