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Check Out New Hoop Vendor and Event Listings!

vendorandevents Hooping.org has been spinning things up for more than a dozen years now and one of our goals for our 12th Hoopiversary and Hooping.org 6.0 relaunch is to get out of debt. Yay! As you can imagine, running a hooping community website has never exactly been a big money making proposition. It’s a huge and almost entirely volunteer driven labor of love, one that quite honestly has either been in the red or scraping by pretty much since it began. We’re so committed to spinning up the hoop love though and rather than solicit donations or issue some community crowdfunding plea, we took a closer look at ways we could serve the community even more, and this truly connects the community in a bigger way than ever before. And being the community loving do gooder type of people that we are, it’s all super duper affordable too.

With 2.3 million hits a year at this point and rising, hooping.org has been connecting our overflowing email inbox of those looking for hoops and classes and performers with hoopers in their area for a very long time. It’s all happened behind the scenes, and for Hooping.org 6.0 we decided to not only spin up new advertising opportunities for hooping businesses and event organizers, but to really bridge that service gap in a way that totally rocks. Welcome to our new Vendor and Event Listings. Broken down categorically by geographic area and highlighted right in our site navigation at the top of every page, it’s never been easier for someone looking for hoop services and events to find what is happening right in their own backyard.

Vendor Listings: Got a hooping business? Get it on the map with our new Vendor Listings for Hooping.org 6.0. Each listing for those providing products, classes or services to the hooping community includes a 150×150 px logo or photo and up to 150 words to get our readers over to your place of business. With every listing broken down categorically by location too, all those people who are looking for a hoop or class in your state, province or country, will easily be able find you and make it happen. See our advertising page for more info and our Hooping.org 6.0 advertising special.

Event Listings: We’re also doing the exact same thing for hooping events with Hooping.org 6.0 as well. Now hoopers looking to attend a hoop gathering near them will be easily able to find what is closest with a simple click. There’s so many hooping events happening now all over the world too, that it’s become pretty impossible for us to keep track of them all, or keep our list current, so we’re putting that in your hands now so hoopers from your area can find your community event, show up and spin up the fun! Yay! See our advertising page for more info and Hooping.org 6.0 advertising deals.

Those who’ve gotten themselves on the vendor and event listings already are singing their praises, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself listed today and help support hooping.org’s hoop love mission in the process. With Hooping season officially on in the Northern Hemisphere too, more people will be looking for you than ever before and the lists are so cheap they’ll pay for themselves with a single sale. The listings run for a full calendar year too and are renewable annually to help us keep them as accurate, fresh and up to date as possible. So get your Vendor or Event Listing up on Hooping.org today and help us keep hooping.org spinning brightly in the process. We’d appreciate it, just as we appreciate still being here spinning up the very best in hooping features, interviews, videos, tutorials, photos and more. We couldn’t have lasted this long without you and we’re excited to be taking our mission to the next level in 2015.

Kim “Flowpunzel” Lewis Spins Her 1st Hoopiversary

Flowpunzel Kim Lewis, otherwise known as Flowpunzel, made her first full length hooping video to celebrate her one year hoopiversary and it’s a total winner! Spinning up some serious skills in super colorful locations, we bet you’ll fall in love with this one just as much as we all did. She lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is called “You Know You Like It” by DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge and you can score a copy of it for your own music collection quite easily on iTunes.

Katie Holt McClain’s LED Hoop Dance Performance

Katie Holt McClain This LED hoop dance performance by Katie Holt McClain of the Twirling Girlish Hoop Dance Company was spun as part of a two-night Japanese cultural event titled “The Art + The Ink: Journey of the Heart Sūtra” – which means the show was based on one of most well-known Buddhist scriptures. Don’t miss Katie’s lovely arm movements and beautiful hoop flow. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and her soundtrack for this is “Midnight” by Hang in Balance, and you can get a copy of it for your very own over on iTunes.

The Peacock Lift with Dagny Sanche

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 4.46.48 AM Dagny Sanche of Citrus Circles Hoop Dance is here with a brand new hooping tutorial on a fun move that you can really spin into any hooping level too. She’s here to teach us all how to do a “Peacock Lift” and it not only looks great, it’s a fun transition to go from on-body to off-body hooping too (or vice versa) for beginners, and it can also be an interesting alternative lift for advanced hoopers too. Danny lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and the soundtrack for this is “Moontricks” by Soul Mechanics and you can download a copy of it for free actually over on Soundcloud.

Hoop Dancing with Rachel Sullivan

Rachel Sullivan Rachel Sullivan, aka Dances with Circles, takes her hoops out on the town for an afternoon of fun in her latest hoop dance video! She rocks on and off body multiples, as well as elegant single hoop flow in an urban setting. Even some friends come along for the ride! Rachel is currently living in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and the soundtrack here is called “Freaking Out The Neighborhood” by Mac Demarco, which you can score a copy of for your own collection over on iTunes.

Courtney Fagras: The Hooping Idol Interview!


Last night, in a suspense filled Hooping Idol 5 Season Finale Results Show, we revealed the winner of our fifth exciting season of Hooping Idol. If you haven’t already watched it, please do. It’s quite the reminder of just how exciting this season was! Two months ago, while watching 60 auditions, I clicked play and saw the smiling face of Courtney Fagras from Bellingham, Washington, USA. I vaguely remembered seeing an audition from her last year, but other than that she’d previously been totally off my radar. Given that she was giving it a second shot this year, I thought we should go ahead and include her in the mix. Little did I know, however, she was going to be the one to really capture our hearts and spin her way to win it all.

Consistently doing well with the judges from week to week, Courtney’s response from viewers took a big jump during Pop Music Week and kept right on climbing from there. But who is Courtney Fagras, our new Hooping Idol? Let’s find out! Join us for a very special Hooper of the Week Interview with our new Hooping Idol – Courtney Fagras.

Marissa Marlo’s Magical Hoop Journey

Marissa Marlo Hooping Marissa Marlo grabs her hoops and rides her bike to the UC Davis Arboretum where we find her spinning up a whole lot of joy in the great outdoors. Surrounded by luscious greenery, she spins single, double and triple hoops and her bright spirit, beautiful flow, and sweet soundtrack make for quite the magical hooping video. We love it! Marissa is currently living in Davis, California, USA, and the sweet soundtrack for this one is “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire” by M83 and you can score a copy of it for your own collection quite easily over on iTunes.

Silhouette Hooping with Oliver Hart

Oliver-Hart Oliver Hart makes his debut on hooping.org with a video filmed at sunset that shows off both his hooping and balancing skills too. Occasionally perched on a post while standing on one leg, Oliver still manages to spin both single and double hoops without losing his balance. He’s been hooping for seven months and spins up more hoop tech skills here too in silhouette. He lives in Laguna Beach, California, USA, and his soundtrack for this is “Luminous Axiom” by Desert Dwellers, which you can easily download a copy of for your own collection over on iTunes.