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Halloween Hooping with Ania Dyderska

It’s Halloween and Ania Dyderska knows how to spin up something spooky with a hoop. Making her hooping.org debut, this skeletal hooper can also spin up some mighty fine moves too, like her pizza...

Lainey b

Lainey Be: Hooping With Her Shadow

We all have our shadow selves and Lainey Be is fully embracing hers, showcasing her single and double hoop skills, as well as her own delicate dance style and creative flow, while sharing the...

Rob Grader

The Cosmic Hooper

Rob Grader of the Cosmic Hooper’s Emporium of Bliss spins up some fun with this hooping self portrait. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Ruby Raven

Ruby Raven’s Hooping Tricks and Treats

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,Ruby Raven spun up a Hooping.org debut that is anything but. Giving us a glimpse of hooping treats and trickery, it’s all entangled with...


Day of the Dead Hooping with Tika Hoop

Tika Hoop, otherwise known as KarTikasari Klaresta, can’t mask her love of hooping at a Dia De Los Muertos celebration held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She lives in Ketchikan, Alaska, USA. Photo by Mary...


Hula Hooping with Meg Fulton

Meg Fulton demonstrates her knack with multiple hoops and she spins her merry way into our hearts. This talented hooper starts with one hoop and keeps on adding them into her routine until she...

Rosey Bloom hooping

Sunshine Flow with Rosey Bloom

Rosey Bloom of the Mansfield University Hoop Troupe gets grooving with what she calls her “Sunshine Flow” in her latest video. Spinning up both single and double hoops on a sunny day with a...


Indigo Sky

Indigo Sky of Elemental Motion Hoop Dance by Indigo Sky spins a hula hoop around her knee in a cool red costume. Love it! She lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA.


Hooping it up with AnaHoops

Anastasia Skolnik, otherwise known as AnaHoops, brings us this recap of her summertime flow. Taking us on a journey to the different places she hooped over the summer, she successfully wows us with anywhere...

Va Nessa

Vanessa’s Hula Hoop Performance at Sijm

Vanessa spins up the classic circus style with this jaw dropping performance at Sijm 2014. Laced in beautiful attire, she offers a true performance, curiously dancing and illuminating the mystery of the hula hoop....

Deaja Mkhallati exclaims her love of hooping while performing at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival

Deaja Mkhallati Screams for Hooping

Deaja Mkhallati exclaims her love for hooping while performing at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. She lives in Davis, California, USA. Photo by Ted Wilson Photography.