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Hooping Idol 4: Hip Hop Week Results

The results of Hooping Idol Hip Hop Week are in and Hooping.org congratulates all of our contenders that are moving on to the next round – and we have nothing but love for each and…

Hooping Idol 4: It’s Hip Hop Week

Welcome to Hooping Idol everybody, our award winning contest that is leading us all on an ever spinning search in our quest to find the planet’s next big hooper star! Are you ready for a…

Sunset Hooping with Caroline Sanchez

Caroline Sanchez spins her hoops against a beautiful sunset sky at the beach. Stunning! She lives in La Jolla, California, USA. Photo by JAG Media Productions – Photography by Aaron Goulding.

Beautiful Beach Hooping with Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong of Cherry Hoops spins up something beautiful at the beach. She lives in San Francisco, California, USA. Photo by Somatic Rhythms / Photographer McKenzie Brill.

Hooping in Greece with Georgia Walsom-Brock

Georgia Walsom-Brock recently went on vacation with her family to Greece and she made a hooping video to share with everyone while she was there. She exclaims, “No way was I leaving my hoop at…

Kristin Lahoop

Kristin Lahoop spins up a fantastic video chock full of good things. Filmed at Tempelhofer Feld, which she says is “the unique place in Berlin where airstrip and bales of straw coexist”, it’s really a…

Fire Hooping with Sandra Dee Mitchell

Sandra Dee Mitchell of HoopFlowLove was last seen on Hooping.org back in the Fall of 2012, but she’s back and things have certainly gotten hotter! Watch her show off some impressive fire hooping skills in this…

Caroline Palmer and Gaston Schenone

A mind blowing shot of Caroline Palmer and Gaston Schenone on the beach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Photo by Lila Hasson.