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Jim Lambie: Layin Down the ZOBOP

2014_LAM_RedBullStudios01_eHooping Tape. We love our hoop tape, don’t we? Whether it’s from Identi-Tape, Fancy Tapes, Discount Hoop Supplies or your local hardware store, it’s something pretty special. Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie has a thing for bright colorful tape too, and he also tends to think most floors are just too drab to leave on their own. That’s why ZOBOP, his signature art work, changes every time he stages it according to the shape of the room – and anyone who has ever taped a hoop is going to view one of his installations with a whole different level of awe and respect.

Utilizing tape designs on the floors themselves, the designs vary all the time. Lambie realized somewhere along the way that color was either something being over-controlled in our world, or drained away from it – so he decided to make something super-colored, psychedelic even, but which still retained a strong conceptual base. ZOBOP is based on the concept of trying to fill a space while still leaving it empty. He tapes down rolls of vinyl tape, starting from the outlines of the floor space until he reaches the center and what he’s doing with tape is the most exciting thing we’ve seen since the second revolution of hoop making began. Thanks Nicole for turning us on to his work. We hope you enjoy it.

Jasmine Kienne’s Luminancer Hoop Dance

Jasmine Kienne Jasmine Kienne may not be on Hooping Idol 5 any longer, but she sure knows how to light up a room. With the help of a reflective hoop and a little app called Luminancer, she transforms her hooping session at home into a big, bright and beautifully colorful light experience. Spinning up both single and double hoops, Jasmine navigates her way through some delicious moves and flow in an almost psychedelic atmosphere. She lives in Austin, Texas, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is unknown to us, so if you know the tune, please share the info in the comments below.

Galaxy Hoop Dance with Jaclyn Kee West

Jaclyn Kee West Parental content warning, may be NSFW: partial nudity: Jaclyn Kee West stars in DRT Nation’s Galaxy Hoop Dance video.
Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in a county demolished building and an abandoned elementary school, Jaclyn hoops through the ruins by day, and lights up the night with her LED hoop. Professional make-up artists were brought in to create Jaclyn’s daytime costume purely out of tape and used airbrushing to create the galaxy on her body for the evening shots. Created and filmed by DRT Nation’s Sean and Zane Tackett, Jaclyn lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The soundtrack for this is “Say My Name (Jai Wolf Remix)” by ODESZA which you can download your very own copy of on iTunes. Want more? Watch behind the scenes footage here.

Check Out the Very First Welsh Hoop Convention

Welsh Hoop Convention Ellie (Elliecoptor) Pilott of Ellicoptor Hoops and Esther Fuge of NoFit State Circus recently hosted the first ever Welsh Hoop Convention in Cardiff, Wales, UK. A day long intensive of hooping workshops with instructors including Lisa Lottie, Miss Polly Hoops and more, this video gives all of us a glimpse into the happenings at WHoopC, and some beautiful insight into the hooping community in Wales.