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Hooping It Outside the Park

doris day [Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn hoops it up with the less expected.]

by Lara Eastburn

Has any hoop workshop ever been quite so incredible as the one I organized yesterday morning? It all happened in an elementary school cafeteria, but there wasn’t a kid in sight. School starts on Monday in these parts and, like so many teachers and staff around the country, the 45 school teachers and staff at this rural elementary school have spent the week preparing their rooms, curriculum, and sanity for the coming school year. Next week, our schools will begin another year with another budget cut, reduced staff, and not enough support for what they do. But not this morning. This morning, they will hoop.

A room full of first-time hoopers rates pretty darned high on my This-Is-Awesome list. But I didn’t know what to expect from my first time teaching a group who hadn’t come to a hoop class, you know, on purpose. I needn’t have worried. They. Loved. It. At first, things went along about like you’d expect. Some were gung-ho to give it a try. Others, nervous, moved to the back of the room. And the “I Can’t Hoop” chorus stuck together in strong numbers for a while. But then the tide began to turn and as it did, that elementary school cafeteria lit up in overdue laughter like it was the most glorious cathedral in the world. 45 new hoopers. 45 new school teachers and staffers with a new way to access instant stress-relief and a genuine smile.