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Run Run and Hoop Rudolph with Nellie Livengood

nelliechristmashoop Wishing us some Hoopy Holidays and getting into the spirit by donning her adorable elf hat and comfy looking Christmas sweater, Nellie Livengood, known to Santa as Hooper Elf Gal, rocks out with her hula hoop to some fun Christmas tunes in this holiday themed video. She’s having a great time hoop dancing around the beautifully decorated tree and performing some great corkscrews, barrel rolls and even an escalator or two. Nellie is from Peoria, Illinois, USA, and the classic soundtrack to this video is called “Run Run Rudolf” by Chuck Berry and it is available for you to download on iTunes.

Christmas Glow Hula Hooping with Angie and Loz

Christmas Glow Now that we’re in the home stretch to the holidays, it’s time for more hooping holiday cheer. This delightful duo consisting of Angie Mack and Loz Because, otherwise known as Loz Egginton, spin up something seasonal and sensational with a Christmas Glow Hula Hoop Show. Angie and Loz both currently reside in Bristol, England, UK, and the soundtrack here is called “Jolie Coquine” by Caravan Palace and you can download a copy of it for your own collection over on iTunes.

Hooping Through Berlin with Louisa Hula


HoopingThroughBerlin Who doesn’t love to travel? Louisa Hula shows us how wonderful and hoop filled her year long trip was in Berlin, Germany. We get to see her beaming smile as she spins up a storm in some of her favorite destinations. When she is not traveling, Louisa lives in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Camera work for this video was done by Matt Chisholm, Clara Fisher, Bastian Uhmann, and Nena Gravil. The music is “Görli Görli” by P.R. Kantate, and if you love this track you can get it on iTunes.

Hoopy Holidays

Hooptown Hotties Hoop Morgan Jenkins and Rebecca Victoria of Hooptown Hotties have spun up a kitschy cute holiday hooping video. The black and white film, a throaty songstress and Rebecca and Morgan’s sweet smiles transport us back in time as they stroll through the Christmas trees, swinging their hoops. Then, when the music ratchets up, color crashes in and these 21st century girls twirl their twins as they rock out in the “snow”. They live in Los Angeles, California, USA, and the soundtrack here is a smash up of Wayne Newton’s “Jingle Bell Rock” and TJR’s “What’s Up Suckaz Nom de Strip Edit”. Both are available for you to download on iTunes.

Funky Nutcracker Hoop Dance

Ani May Gyrle When Hooping.org Video Editor Ani May Gyrle thinks about lighting things up for the holidays, she doesn’t stop with trimming the tree. With her hoop aglow and even her tutu full of twinkling lights, she spins up a funky hoop dance ballerina Nutcracker that really delivers that “Night Before Christmas” feeling. She lives in Roseville, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Nutcracker Suite (Dance of the Funky DJs)” by The Torres Bros. and it’s available to make your holiday a little brighter too on iTunes.

Santa and Mrs Claus Have a Hoop Jam

Santa Claus Hula Hoops It’s Christmas Eve and before Santa heads out to deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys around the world, he and Mrs. Claus take time out for a little hoopjam – and maybe some hanky panky. We’re not sure, but Santa clearly loves to hoop dance and Mrs. Claus sure seems to enjoy her minis. Applause to Stella SpinsB of Orbital Evolution, aka Brittany Briley, and DJ Joshua Pocalips for making the holiday hooping magic happen. Our Christmas hoopers have opened up a circus inspired performance art space as well – Cirque Roots Studio and Productions – where they live in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The soundtrack is “Deck The Halls (Arranged by Carmen Dragon)” by the Southwestern Seminary Oratorio Chorus and it’s available on iTunes.

Gifting Hoops For Hoopy Holidays

Hooping Santas

Julie Taylor, Rob Botsford and Leo Hanson hoop up some holiday spirit in the UK.

[Hooping.org columnist Shea Brock wants you to play Santa with hoops this season.]

by Shea Brock

Hoopy Holidays all you gorgeous hoopers out there. It’s that time of year again already. Trees are going up, stockings are being hung and people all over the world are going all “Griswold” on their houses. I know times are hard with the economy being in the toilet and more of us are struggling to get to everyone on our shopping lists, but you know what? Out of all the presents I have received over the years, some of the best gifts have been those of the handmade variety. I have given my fair share of hoops as gifts as well, just ask my friends and family if you don’t believe me. If you’re pinching pennies this holiday season consider making some hoops and spreading the hoop love on a budget. What goes into gifting a hoop? How do you design a hoop for someone else? Whether you’re an old hand at hoop making or giving it a try for the very first time here, here are some helpful hints at giving hoops this holiday season.

1. Don’t Underestimate the Gift of a Hoop. Are you worried about giving a hoop to a particular person? Not sure they’d be into it? Take it from me, never judge a book by its cover. The type of people who love to hoop but keep it under wraps will blow your mind. Afraid Aunt Edna won’t like her hoop? It might be just what she was waiting for. Here in the northern hemisphere the days are getting colder and people want to get outdoors and exercise less and less. That’s precisely why a hoop is such a great investment and Christmas gift. Just tell Aunt Edna to DVR some Dr Phil episodes and get her hoop on while she watches in the safety of her living room.