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Hooptown Hotties Hoop

Hoopy Holidays

Morgan Jenkins and Rebecca Victoria of Hooptown Hotties have spun up a kitschy cute holiday hooping video. The black and white film, a throaty songstress...

Ani May Gyrle

Funky Nutcracker Hoop Dance

When Hooping.org Video Editor Ani May Gyrle thinks about lighting things up for the holidays, she doesn’t stop with trimming the tree. With her hoop...


Hooping at the White House

Angel Coffin of Maryland’s Rock-a-Hoola Hoops was spinning things up at The White House as part of the Santarchy DC event in Washington DC.

Sammy Hoopleseed

Sammy Hoopleseed Spins Up Christmas

Sammy Hoopleseed, otherwise known as Samantha Laudert of Ione AK Hoops spins up some Christmas with multiple hoops. She lives in Valdez, Alaska, USA. Photo...

Hooping Santas

Gifting Hoops For Hoopy Holidays

[Hooping.org columnist Shea Brock wants you to play Santa with hoops this season.] by Shea Brock Hoopy Holidays all you gorgeous hoopers out there. It’s...