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Hooping Through Berlin with Louisa Hula

HoopingThroughBerlin Who doesn’t love to travel? Louisa Hula shows us how wonderful and hoop filled her year long trip was in Berlin, Germany. We get to see her beaming smile as she spins up a storm in some of her favorite destinations. When she is not traveling, Louisa lives in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Camera work for this video was done by Matt Chisholm, Clara Fisher, Bastian Uhmann, and Nena Gravil. The music is “Görli Görli” by P.R. Kantate, and if you love this track you can get it on iTunes.

Hoopy Holidays

Hooptown Hotties Hoop

Morgan Jenkins and Rebecca Victoria of Hooptown Hotties have spun up a kitschy cute holiday hooping video. The black and white film, a throaty songstress and Rebecca and Morgan’s sweet smiles transport us back in time as they stroll through…

Funky Nutcracker Hoop Dance

Ani May Gyrle

When Hooping.org Video Editor Ani May Gyrle thinks about lighting things up for the holidays, she doesn’t stop with trimming the tree. With her hoop aglow and even her tutu full of twinkling lights, she spins up a funky hoop…

Santa and Mrs Claus Have a Hoop Jam

It’s Christmas Eve and before Santa heads out to deliver presents to all the good little girls and boys around the world, he and Mrs. Claus take time out for a little hoopjam – and maybe some hanky panky. We’re…