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Cadence Clare Feeley

Cadence Clare Feeley

Cadence Clare Feeley of Cadencia Photography spins her hoop against the cloudy sky in Brooklyn, New York. A beautiful black and white shot taken by photographer Eraj Asadi. Love it! She lives in Haiku,...

Double Wedgie Walk Hula Hoops

Double Wedgie Walk with Lisa SparkGirl

Lisa SparkGirl of Hiptronic Arts is here with a hooping tutorial for you. This time around she’s going to be teaching all of us how to do the Double Wedgie Walk. She breaks it...

Lealyn Poponi Hoop Dance

Hawaii Hoop Dance with Lealyn Poponi

Lealyn Poponi spins up some slow motion hoop dance that totally hits the “I would rather be hooping in Hawaii right now” button pretty hard. Spinning it up atop China Walls in Honolulu, we...

LED Hoop Glow

Hoop Glow with Susanna SeaFire

Susanna SeaFire of SeafireDance.com is all aglow with her LED hoop in this beautiful shot. She lives in Maui, Hawaii, and the photo was taken by Zen Panda Photography.

Kyer Wiltshire

Hooping at Baldwin Beach

Mo Willis, Madison Walsh and Kate Charmaine Starseeker hoop it up beautifully at Baldwin Beach State Park in Paia, Hawaii, USA. Photo by by Kyer Wiltshire of Kyer Photography.

Liana Jean Auli'i

Liana Jean Auli’i

Liana Jean Auli’i spins up some fire in this gorgeous shot taken by Kyer Wiltshire of Kyer Photography. Liana is from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

allison oconnell

Allisun O’Connell: Hooping Around Hawaii

Allisun O’Connell flew to the Big Island of Hawaii recently for a hoop retreat and decided to extend her trip by visiting the island of Kauai before the event, followed by some time on...

Dylan T Bradley

Dylan T Bradley

Dylan T Bradley, aka Vajra, spins it up next to a beautiful waterfall in Maui, Hawaii, USA. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Photo by Cadencia Photography.

Amy Martin

Amy Martin

Amy Martin catches the moon in her hoop at In Depth Hawaii 2014 at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat in Pahoa, Hawaii, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography.

Pam Mayer

Booty Spin

Pam Mayer of Pam Hoops shakes her booty at In Depth Hawaii 2014 at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat in Pahoa, Hawaii. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Photo by Fer RamiRuz.