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New York Times Calls Gotta Hoop Refreshing

Philo Hagen in The New York Times Looking for a “refreshing break from holiday excesses?” Guy Trebay at the New York Times writes, “When all the posthumously engineered Satchmo vocals and the tinny bell choirs and the ‘ding DONG dings’ [of holiday music] become so assaultive that trepanation seems preferable to entering a retail establishment, I race to the laptop and dial up Philo Hagen’s Gotta Hoop. Now more than ever what the world needs is a six-minute film of a desk-bound office drone escaping confinement for the seedy nighttime streets of Los Angeles. … ‘It’s about freedom,’ said Mr. Hagen, the founder of Hooping.org, a blog devoted to the hooping phenomenon. Made over three days last summer, the film is Mr. Hagen’s first. ‘Part of the motivation was that hooping.org has a video of the day and, after eight years, I’d never made a video and people would ask when I was going to make one and I was, like, never!’ Body issues were partly to blame. ‘Early on, someone shot a video of me online and a bunch of people made fat jokes,’ Mr. Hagen said. ‘I finally decided that, if I was going to do this, I was going to do it big and not worry about body stuff.'” The full article: The New York Times.

Syndication watch:
• “Escape Christmas hoopla with I Gotta Hoop” – The Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
• “Sometimes a man has got to hoop” (with different photo) – The Seattle Times, Seattle, Washington.

You can watch our Gotta Hoop video below: