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From the Mouths of Hooping Babes



[Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn gets schooled on hooping.]

by Lara Eastburn

I hooped the night before labor began with my first daughter. Now Navi is five-years-old (going on 6, as she says!). She is the daughter of two hoopmakers. Piles of tubing were leaned against her crib and she has never known a life outside the hoop. But it wasn’t until Rayna’s article last year about hooping, self-esteem and girls, that I realized I was part of a community of parents raising the first generation of children that would be raised from the very start with hoopdance as a part of their lives. It will be several years until we know how Navi’s crib-to-hoop generation will influence the grownup world of hooping. But to get a glimpse, I sat down with my kindergarten graduate and asked her about her hooping life. Her answers are here unedited and I hope they inspire you as they have us.