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Gratitude Hooping with Tally Marx

Gratitude Hooping Tally Marx certainly knows what gratitude is all about and she spins enough up to share with the rest of us after spending some time in the hospital. In her kitchen at home and with the perfect song playing, in these intimate moments her flow and smile and gratitude are captivating and truly heart warming, even in low light. She lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Aloha Ke Akua” by Nakho and Medicine for the People and you can get a copy of it for yourself over on iTunes.

Hooping Up Gratitude

[Hooping.org will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day with our loved ones and we will return on Friday. Until then, Hooping.org Editor Philo Hagen celebrates the giving of thanks.] by Philo Hagen Every year when Autumn arrives I find myself in a little resistance. I want to stay outside in the bright warm sun and crank the…

Gratitude in the Hoop

[Hooping.org columnist Shannon Herrington celebrates giving thanks.] by Shannon Herrington The seasons are changing, the year is almost over and Thanksgiving Day has arrived here in the United States. As people are preparing to give thanks for everything in their lives, I am reminded that Thanksgiving originated from a mix of European and Native traditions.…

How to Rock Someone’s Hoop World in 60 Seconds or Less

[This week Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn reminds us to share the love.] by Lara Eastburn Every single one of us contributes to the hooping community in some way or another. But whether you participate in ways large, small, or in-between, we’ve all been known to grow discouraged. Would anyone care if I didn’t organize this…

Hoopy Thanksgiving!

Allison Tarr of Positive Spin Hoops spins up the gratitude in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hooping.org wishes you and yours a very Hoopy Thanksgiving! We're so grateful to have you with us every day of the year. Soundtrack: "Scenic World" by Beirut (on iTunes).