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Mike Hayataka

Mike Haytaka

Mike Hayataka lets his hoop and hair fly in this great shot by Rebecca Humes Photography. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Mike Hayataka: The Toss Bounce Back Move

Mike Hayataka

Mike Hayataka thinks most hoopers have done this messing around or by accident, but having tuned into doing it with purpose, we think he’s perfecting the toss bounce back move. He’s been working on how he can incorporate it into…

Mike Hayataka: Stilt Hooping

It’s said that when you work hard at what you do, practice with dedication and passion, and commit yourself to your art that you will “move up in the world”. Mike Hayataka of Bangarang Circus has made moving up in…

Audria Larsen Hoops On Eight West

So what’s all the Hoopla about in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Well, that’s what the Grandma on the Go for Wood TV’s Eight West decided to find out. She invited Hooping.org contributing writer Audria Larsen of Audacious Hoops to come share some hoop love…