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Fitness Column Needs Hoop Fitness Training

Hula Hooping Marlo Alleva is an instructor at Gold’s Gym in Lakeland, Florida, and she writes a fitness column for The Ledger as well. For Spring Break we were delighted that she turned the spotlight on hula hooping for fitness, something you can do with your kids, but she doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about. For starters in explaining how to hula hoop she writes, “Begin by placing the hoop around your waist, holding it with both hands. Now this is where it gets tricky, trying explain ‘how’ to get it going. I have to say, you gotta just feel it. It is all in the waist and hips. The idea is to get your momentum going. Start with a good spin on the hoop, once it starts its first rotation, begin to rotate the hips in a circular motion.” It’s a common belief amongst those who don’t know how to hoop that you move your hips in a circle, while those of us who do know that it’s actually a rocking of the hips backwards and forwards, or perhaps side to side or maybe even diagonally back and forth, but a circular motion will send your hoop straight to the floor. Equally misguided is her idea that if you don’t have a hoop you can just pick one up at any discount store. While that may be true for your child, when it comes to adults hooping we need a hoop that is adult-size and you aren’t going to find one in the dollar store. Can the Hoola Monsters help her out? Full story: The Ledger

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