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Michelle Schaeffer

Michelle Schaeffer of the St. Louis Hoop Club and the Cosmic Collaborative lights up the night in this great shot from Steve Truesdell Photography.

Asha Ashwell

Asha Ashwell of the Pyromancy Performance Troupe lights up the world with vibrant color in this amazing shot by Michael “Nico” Nostro. She lives in Buffalo, New York, USA.

Amanda Vietta Peach

This beautiful and mysteriously masked hooper spinning a LED hoop is Amanda Vietta Peach. She lives in in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Photo by Matt Hillman.


Tona “Moonkitty” Willet lights up the Flaming Chicken Studio in this great shot from Custom Creative Photo. She lives in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, USA.

Santia Nance

Santia Nance spins up beautiful and vibrant colors with her LED hoop at the InLight Richmond 2013 arts extravaganza. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Photo by Dave Parrish Photography. View the full set here.

Warren Madderra

Warren Madderra spins up a relaxing evening at home. He lives in Santa Rosa, California, USA. Photo by Tony Aquila.

Tiana’s Light Trails

Our favorite Hoop Path 7 photo from the 7th annual gathering organized by Baxter, is this one of Tiana Zoumer amidst some very smooth light trails. “HP7: Sangha” was held in Carrboro, North Carolina, USA.…

Edita Deveroux

Edita Deveroux of Hoopnotice Europe makes her Hooping.org debut in this charming video shot after dark. As the headlights of cars pass by we find her lighting up the night with her LED hoop, a…