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Here Comes the Perkulator with Emily Jane Perkins

emilyperkulator Emily Jane Perkins, better known in the hooping community as the Perkulator, knocks our socks off in this epic LED hoop performance on Michigan Avenue next to the Chicago River. Emily Jane lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Video by David Amburgey of Umbrella Cafe, and the soundtrack used for this is “No Quarter” – originally performed by Led Zeppelin and remixed by Zack Darling. You can download Zack’s full Led Zeppelin mix for free on Soundcloud.

Psychedelic LED Hooping atop the Further Bus with Ali Padiak

Further Bus with Ali Padiak All aboard for some tripped out LED hooping! Ali Padiak of Feather Hoops spins it up in brilliant technicolor atop the infamous Further bus. She says, “I was lucky enough to get the chance to hoop on top of the psychedelic Further Bus at the Phases of the Moon Festival!” And no, this isn’t the original bus which broke down in 1969, but the 2nd Further Bus. The original bus is on Ken Kesey’s farm in Oregon waiting for restoration to be put in a museum. Ali lives in Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Enter The Chamber” by Bassnectar & Sayr.

Harvest Moon Hooping with Erika Smegal

ErikaSmegal What happens when Erika Smegal of Infini-Tribe takes her LED hoop out on the night of the full Harvest Moon? She spins up something beautiful and magical. Making great use of the mirror effect, Erika lights up the night and left all of us feeling the glow as a result. She lives in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Hollow” by Coheed and Cambria and you can get a copy of it for yourself as well on iTunes.

LED Hooping at The Bank with Samantha Novak

Samantha Novak Samantha Novak’s smooth moves and upbeat attitude caused us to whistle around in the light show madness as she spins it up at The Bank Nightclub in Akron. It’s one of those rare LED hoop nightclub videos that really captivates. Video by MFD Photography. Samantha lives in Akron, Ohio, USA, and the soundtrack to this is “Ephemeral” by Bassnectar which can be easily found and added to your collection on iTunes.