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Adorable Kittens Love LED Hoops!

Cats Play with Hoop Truth be told, we love a good cat video just as much as the next person here at Hooping.org, so when we saw this one, well, we knew that it simply had to be posted! The kitten in this video is more than adorable, completely mesmerized by the flashing lights in an LED smart hoop. Even the grown cat is interested in joining in the fun! Just try to resist saying “awww” while watching this.  We aren’t sure who’s cats these are or who the hoop belongs to, so if you know please relay us the info!

Hoopin’ 2: Hoops of Glory

Hoopin' 2: Hoops of Glory Earlier in the year we shared with you the hilarious trailer for Hoopin’ where one man dared to dream and embarked upon the epic hula hoop battle of a lifetime. Well, guess what? The sequel we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – Hoopin’ 2: Hoops of Glory! What’s the next chapter in Skip’s hooping life? We’re about to find out!

It seems that after Skip defeated Hoops McGavin in the original he retired, vowing to never hoop again. All seemed well and rather excruciatingly dull until the news came of the arrival of El Hoopador, a crazed new hoopster on the hooping scene. And of course it all ends up forcing Skip to come back to prove to the world that he still has what it takes to hoop with the very best.

Written, Directed and Edited by Ivan Ripley and Alex Ripley, they told us, “A little known fact from the first movie is that Alex, who played Hoops McGavin, couldn’t hoop when it was filmed. Since discovering Hooping.org though he built a larger hoop using directions from the site and now he can! El Hoopador’s hoop is the one that he made.” Hoopin’ 2: Hoops of Glory also includes guest stars Nathan Whaley as Rugs and Molly Hall as Skip’s wife. It’s another awesome Ivan Panda Production out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. The soundtrack is, of course, “Right Round Feat. Ke$ha)” by Flo Rida and you can get a copy of it for your very own on iTunes.

Cat Attacks Hooper

Cat Attacks HooperCats and hoops aren’t two things we usually think of as going together and Samantha Cyparski shows us why that could possibly be. In this video featuring special guest appearances by her cat Nigel, well, you just can’t keep the cat from attacking her face as she floor hoops. While Nigel is adorable, he’s also quite the little hoop hazard! Samantha explains, “I have countless numbers of these videos. He loves when I hoop, but not for the same reasons I do.” Samantha and Nigal live in Eerie, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack to this is “Apprehension” by Manchester Orchestra. You can get it on iTunes.

Hooping.org Funniest Videos Contest

laughterHere at Hooping.org we like to laugh. In fact, we really like to laugh a lot! And why not? Recent investigations by Robert Provine suggest that laughter is probably the first form of communication in the human race, which later evolved, with the liberation of voice from walking and breathing, into human language. From there, anyone can surmise that laughter truly is the language of the soul, and we all know that the world could certainly use a whole lot more of it. With these thoughts in mind, Hooping.org is bringing you a brand new contest that is all about the laughs. Let’s not take everything so seriously, shall we?

To enter the Hooping.org Funniest Videos contest simply create your own funny hooping video and post in on YouTube on or before Thursday, June 30th, 2011. Be sure to title your video with a brief title of your own, followed by our contest name, like this: “____________________ – Hooping.org Funniest Videos”. Your entry can be no longer than four minutes in length, but other than that the sky is the limit. You may want to refer to our Ten Easy Hooping Video Tips though just to play it safe. Once all of the entries are online we’ll narrow it down to our favorites for a vote to score some super cool summer prizes – like a Shoot The Moon polypro prize pack of eight polypro performance hoops in every color from Superhooper.org – including their three brand new colors: Really Orange, Neon Pink (UV reactive!) and Papal Purple – a $320 value. Or maybe you need an LED hoop? Or how about a six-month pass to Hooping University so you can learn online from the pros? Whatever the case, just set yourself silly and have fun. While we’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, it’s such an awesome thing in literally saves lives. Happy hooping everybody!