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Western Michigan University Sorority Hula Hoops for a Cause

What’s all the hoopla at Western Michigan University? Hooping as a fundraiser of course! Sigma Kappa sorority put a new spin on fundraising when they organized a two day event on WMU’s campus this week, raising money for three different charities. As students passed by the flagpoles near the spinning women they were invited to pick up a hoop and join in the fun and support the fundraising efforts. Sorority member and organizer Jillian Rivait told the Western Herald, “We tried to think of something different, something fun everyone could get involved in. We wanted a way to show others a positive outlook on Greek life. Sigma Kappa is diverse so we worked to do something different.” Hoops were created and sold as a primary source of raising money, but the hooping was an event that lasted long into the night and began at dawn. Students rocked the hoops until 3 a.m. the first day and picked them back up at 6 a.m. the following morning. Money from the hoop happening will be distributed between Alzheimer’s research and the study of gerontology, Maine Sea Coast Mission and Inherit the Earth, an obligation of awareness to improving the environment.

A Child’s Hooping Heart

Many of us have seen the hooping community reach out and help a fellow hooper in need, but when a young child takes the initiative, on her own, to hoop for a cause, it gives one pause. Well that’s just what eight-year-old Caitlin Seymour from Bognor Regis, England will be doing later this month according to the Bognor Regis Observer. Caitlin is hooping in memory of her friend, Charlie Dowling, who died of cancer last year. Her trek will be 2KM down the seafront and back, all while hooping! What is Caitlin’s goal? The girl with a hooping heart is collecting donations in the hopes of raising  £300 for the Sussex Snowdrop Trust and has already raised £257. The trust provides at home care for children with life threatening illnesses. “I am really looking forward to it. I have been practising at playtime, at school and have been on the seafront,” said Caitlin, “I am thinking about what good could be done in the future. A big amount of money could really make a difference. I really want to help.”  As for Caitlin’s father, he sees her bright light shining, “I am really proud of her. For her to come up with the idea all on her own is absolutely admirable, we are blown away by people’s support, help and the donations.”

Hoopapalooza Gives Back This Weekend

Hoopapalooza: Burlington Hula Hoop Event Hoopapalooza, Burlington Rotary Club’s signature fundraising event, is scheduled for this Saturday at City Hall Park. The 3rd annual event held in Burlington, Vermont, has been capitalizing on the popularity of hooping in the city to help the community at large. This weekend they’re raising $45,000 for the “Gateway to Burlington” project – an effort to beautify Edmunds School. Hoopers of all ages are invited to participate in the event and five-member teams will be hooping to music for three to four minutes and then they will be judged on talent, creativity, costumes, hoop decoration, difficulty and poise. Prizes will be awarded. Joe McGowan, Burlington Rotary Club’s service director, told the Burlington Free Press, “Some people dress up; some teams stand in a circle and hula hoop to the music; and other teams will have hula hoops around their arms and necks and will have a choreographed performance.” Burlington, for those who don’t know, is the home of the prestigious UVM Hoop Dancing Club at the University of Vermont which has spawned such hoopers as Mona Qa and Sam Resnicow. Wanna get in on it? You can register here. Larry Brett’s Jukebox will be providing entertainment along with the University of Vermont Hula Hoop Team.

87 Site Strong Kids Hula Hoop-a-thon Raises Funds



Children in 87 Brantford, Ontario, area YMCA programs raised thousands of dollars for the Strong Kids campaign to help those less fortunate go to camp and participate in sports. More than 2,800 kids in 25 YMCA after-school programs got pledges toward the Strong Kids campaign. The Strong Kids Hula-Hoop-a-Thon, which is now in its fourth year, not only promotes a healthy lifestyle for kids by encouraging exercise, but pours money into a fund that helps support families that can’t afford the full cost of participating in YMCA programs. “This is for the kids who are less fortunate than us so they can do the cool things we can like going to camp and all that stuff,” said 10-year old Luca (pictured). “I’m not the best (at hula-hooping) but I try to practice.” Last year, local kids raised $30,000, with the money going to swimming lessons, Y memberships and a variety of sports. Full story with video: Brantford Expositor

Fundraising Event Ideas

Examples of World Hoop Day Fund-raising Events:

  • Silent Auction
  • Fashion Show
  • Coffee Shop Concert with live music: charge at the door
  • Car wash
  • Wine & Cheese Party
  • Jean Day: $5 to wear jeans to work
  • Loose Change collection drive
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Sell inexpensive bottles of wine at an event for double the price and donate the proceeds to World Hoop Day
  • Gather friends for a potluck dinner and then donate the amount you would have spent on dinner out to our programs.

Fundraising – Event Time Line Guide


Please contact me as early as possible so that we can help you organize your event.

4-8 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Give me a call or send an email to inform me about your event and obtain support materials including information packets.
  • Decide on your venue. You can host the event at your house, have a brown bag lunch in your office or meet at your library, school or community center.
  • Create a guest list for invitations and for follow up after event.
  • Design and print or email your invitations. You may also want to use your email or a website such as Evite.
  • Send a “Save the Date” email to everyone on your guest list – it can help increase turn out at your event.

2-4 Weeks Before Your Event

  • Mail and/or email invitations.
  • Plan for food or drink. This can be a simple as tea and cookies or potluck, or as elaborate as you would like. World Hoop Day can provide you with a tax receipt for any food you purchase for the event or for any food donated.

One Week Before Your Event

  • Send a reminder email – I can provide a link for donations to include in your email and can send donation amounts made for your event.
  • If you need more brochures, you can print more from here!

The Event Schedule
Below is a sample schedule for you to review and adapt to what is appropriate
for your event.

Sample Event:  6:30 to 8:30 PM

6:30 – 7:00 PM
Guests arrive and mingle

  • Serve appetizers and drinks
  • Display the enclosed sign up sheet for guests to provide their contact information and receive more information about World Hoop Day. Print as many sign-in sheets as you will need depending on the number of guests.

7:00 – 8:00 PM
Discussion of World Hoop Day, what it is and how it helps so
many children across the world

  • Thank guests for coming and tell your story about how you became involved with World Hoop Day.  For more information on World Hoop Day check out our talking points.
  • Show World Hoop Day Videos.
  • You may also want to read some of the Ambassador Stories and take turns reading them out loud to give people a better idea of what it feels like to give hoops to children in need.
  • Following your discussion, provide ideas about how you and your guests can get involved with World Hoop Day.  Some ideas are:
    • Sponsor an Ambassador’s trip for $150
    • Support children around the world for $25 per month
    • Make a one time donation to support our program
    • Make a donation in honor of someone

8:00 – 8:30 PM
Event Wrap Up

  • Encourage your guests to sign up to sponsor an Ambassador or make a donation before they leave if possible. You may want to have a specific ask, i.e.everyone gives $20 or you may want to create a group goal for the event.  They can also sign up to receive more information and take any materials home with them.
  • If your guests want to make donations, please make sure to collect all of the donors’ contact information so World Hoop Day can send them a tax receipt and a thank you message. You can send the donations to us in an envelope at the address below.
  • If your guests write a check, make sure they are in US dollars and are payable to World Hoop Day.  Credit card donations can be made using Google Checkout or PayPal on the home page.

Remember – you should format the event to what’s the most applicable to your
community and guests.

Event Follow Up

  • Send all donations you collected in an envelope to the following address:
World Hoop Day
465 Esplanade Avenue, Suite 2
Pacifica, CA 94044
  • Be sure to include:
    • Any donations you collected. Please provide all contact information for any donors who attended the event.  World Hoop Day will update everyone who signed up at your event to receive information on our programs and will send a tax receipt and thank you letter to those who made donations.
    • If there is anyone who needs a special acknowledgment, such as a local vendor who may have donated food for the event let me know so we can thank them as well.
    • Your sign up sheets
    • Any unused materials
  • Send a personal thank you to your guests

Once again I would like to thank you for hosting your special event and for informing your community of what’s happening to the health of children in need. Your time and effort are truly appreciated. Together we can make a difference in the lives of at risk youth and their families.

Fundraising – Tips to Host a Silent Auction

What can I do for World Hoop Day?

Interested in hosting a World Hoop Day Fund-raising Event?

Hosting a fund-raising event can be a creative and fun way to partner with WHD to raise awareness about the importance of fitness for children and give to a great cause. There are a variety of events that you can plan and host.  The sky is the limit.

Auctions generate the most income.  Here is some great advice from Shanna of DC Hoop Collective.

1.  Know your audience – Collect donations that are of interest to and in the general area where event attendees live.  For example, avoid things like gift certificates for restaurants, yoga studios, etc. in less trafficked parts of town.

2.  Guide and support sponsors – Don’t be afraid to give businesses a few suggestions as to the items you might be interested in having them donate.  Be sure to explain to them how the silent auction will help promote their products and, at the close of the event, consider sending them a copy of the program as a thank you.

3.  Aim for big ticket items – Fire, LED and specialty hoops bring in a lot more money than smaller grab bag stuff.  Whatever small items are collected should be used as donations in a raffle.

4.  Keep it simple – Encourage people to bid on items in $10 or $20 increments.  This keeps things exciting and limits opportunities for people to have bidding wars that go on forever just over $1 or $2.

5.  Short and sweet – If there are a lot of items and a limited amount of time to announce who won them, feel free to announce only the raffle winners and then ask all other participants to check in with the silent auction bidding table at the end of the event.

Host an Event – School Assembly

Host a World Hoop Day Event in your town!
1st timers, Festival Hoopers, or School Assembly, we’ve got ideas for you.

School age children have enormous motivation to help the planet, and have fun while doing it.  This year’s WHD will be on a Sunday, and we encourage schools to have an assembly the Friday before to share our mission of keeping kids healthy.

Let’s get the hoop spinning (or the ball rolling). 1st you could ask your principal, then go to your school district office. Often they have funding for after-school programs or to get kids in shape programs. Buying hoops from a large supplier is economical and can be school property for decades to come. There are a few sources online for school gym supplies. Buying more hoops makes each hoop cost less.

You could recruit a few kids to make posters and signs for your walls and do you still do morning PAs? I remember that after the Pledge of Allegiance… to the Hoop of the USA. That is great way to announce World Hoop Day. Also, the PTA, as parents usually have the $, time and interest to help their school become a role-model school. Then, write the mayor, press, etc.  Invite a local hooper from Hooping.org’s list of hoopers near you to perform and teach tricks.

I think you could create quite an impact. You may not get all of the people to respond or come, but since we are in it for the health of our nation, to fight obesity, to fight boredom… (I’m not a big fighter, but these words seem to inspire people to do something.)  Time to hoop.

Host an Event – Festival Attendees Guide

Host a World Hoop Day Event in your town!

1st timers, Festival Hoopers, or School Assembly, we’ve got ideas for you.
Many hoopers celebrate WHD at festivals.  The Tri-numeral Festival, Women’s Rock Festivals, and FESTY are a few.  Find out how to enrich the festival experience with hooping.

One of the responsibilities we have is making people aware of the global epidemic of obesity.  It happens to those living in poverty as well as those of us in our country of excess.  We all know that hooping creates a sense of peace, inner calm and happiness.  When people hoop, they burn as many calories as if they were running:  100kcal/10 minutes and it’s way more fun, and better for the knees and ankles.

At your festival, the best thing to do is make a sign, inviting people to participate.  Print out some pix from the website and add them.  Encourage people to buy a hoop or donate what they can can.  Tell them we use the donations to send hoops over seas, or to local charities to get kids and their families fit.  Whatever hoops you sell, save 10% and send our way.  If people want to give cash, tell them it’s tax deductible.

We can give 1 hoop for every $5-10 donation.  There are lots of kids without toys in the world, and a hoop is also a portable fitness center.  Also, be sure and mention the Day itself, where 1000’s gather around the world to hoop for peace.  If it’s possible to have your moment of silence at sunset and wish everyone well, that is ideal.  You may even make little cards or cut out paper strips to give them reminders when they buy their hoop.  Enjoy the music, stay safe and keep enough space around you to avoid the people who aren’t looking where they’re going.

Host an Event – First Timer’s Guide

Host a World Hoop Day Event in your town!

1st timers, Festival Hoopers, or School Assembly, we’ve got ideas for you.

Is is your first time hosting a World Hoop Day?  Read this and get inspired.

There are oodles of places to start and we are so happy to have you aboard our vessel of peace.
It is VERY EASY to be a part of World Hoop Day. You can be as simple as gathering your friends, hoop, share with strangers, tell them that everyone in the world is hooping today (10 10 10) for peace and health. At Sunset I encourage everyone to have a prayer for peace, and a moment of silence to acknowledge that every one of us in responsible for making this planet better.
Some cities are very big and have lots of activities, or they celebrate in a fair, or with an open air festival (read below about festival hooping on WHD), or at a farmer’s market, or in a local park. We try to raise awareness about the global epidemic of obesity, and how hooping burns 100 kcal/ 10 minutes.  That’s the same amount as running, and hooping is better for your knees and ankles.  And it’s much more fun!
Giving them away is our ultimate goal, but this year, I’m inviting hoopers to sell their hoops to people who can afford to buy one and donate at least 10% of the sales to WHD.