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Lila Chupa-Hoops’ New Hula Hoop Demo

Lila Chupa-Hoops Feast your eyes on this fabulously scrumptious show reel from Lila Margaux of Lila Chula-Hoops.com! A collage of her professional adventures over the past year, she’s teaching workshops, hoop dancing on festival stages, spinning burlesque teases and fire and LED hoop performances too. What? Is that a firework attached to her hoop in the end?! Don’t miss the exciting finale! Speaking of finales, Lila went all the way to the grand finale of Hooping Idol 2. She currently lives in Paris, France, and the soundtrack here is “All I Ask of You” by Skrillex, and you can get your copy of it over on iTunes.

Wonder Woman Hooping with Carole

wonder woman hula hoop Carole of Lib & Fit may seem like a mild mannered hoop maven, but when she starts to spin in circles she transforms into a hooping wonder woman! Taking her hoops down to the beach in Treboul, it isn’t long before something amazing happens. Video by Pierre Wadoux. She’s currently living in Lorient, France, and the soundtrack for this fun video is the theme from Wonder Woman and you can get your own copy of it on on iTunes.

Meet The Lyon Hooping Club

Lyon Hooping Club We’ve fallen in love with the Lyon Hooping Club and you will too thanks to this fantastic video that features all of them. Lupa Hoop, Mamezelle Julie, Colombine Dutel, Shoe Ingum, Solène Stéfant, Carine and Erica Jolibellule spin it up all over Lyon and take us on such a fun adventure you’ll want to be hooping with these ladies too. There’s even some fire hooping at the end. The video was made by Gazoline TV, Isabelle Rocher & lglcprod.com and they all live in Lyon, France. The soundtrack for this is “Tell Me Something” by TchopDye and you can get a copy of it for your own music collection over on iTunes.

Belly Dance Mini Hooping with Lou Cat

loucat Snake Hooper, aka Lou Cat of Lou-Cat.com, returns with her favorite kind of fusion – belly dancing and mini hooping of course! Watch her shimmy and captivate you with the kind of fluid movement that is well-known to belly dancing, and see how seamlessly she incorporates her hoops in this. She currently lives in Paris, France, and the song used in this video is “Turkish Honga (StreamerPilot Rare Remix)” by Ot Azoj Klezmerband and you can download a copy of it for your own collection over on Soundcloud.