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Romina Micheletty beams as she spins the hoop above her head

Romina Micheletty Hula Hoops

Romina Micheletty of the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione de Paris beams as she spins a hoop above her head. She lives in Paris, France. Photo by Friedrich Klawiter.

Snake Hooper Lou Cat

Mini Hoop Belly Dance with Snake Hooper

Snake Hooper, otherwise known as Lou Cat of Lou-Cat.com, combines belly dance here with her love for mini hoops. Making her debut on Hooping.org with a mesmerizing video, she captivated us all with her...


Birthday Hooping with Karinehoop

Karinehoop, otherwise known as Karine Larnaudie, really knows how to celebrate her 40th birthday with family and hoop friends and a birthday hooping video. Sharing some of her best training moments of the day,...

Hula Hooping Pandora

Hula Hooping with Pandora

Pandora makes her hooping debut with a video that starts with an around the leg spin we had to watch several times, and it just gets increasingly impressive along the way. A delightful mix...

La Gatoun

Hooping Hoopus with La Gatoun

Not long ago La Gatoun, otherwise known as Agathe Le Guevel, spun up a sweet and dreamy cartoon for us – Spinning Childhood Dreams of Hula Hoops. Now here she is spinning up something...

lagatoun feat

Spinning Childhood Dreams of Hula Hoops

Let’s travel to the magical universe of la Gatoun, shall we? She is a French hooper and illustrator living in Le Sud, Aquitaine, France, and she created a cute illustrated story about hula hoops...

Mia Hoops

Aurore Mia HaÏjjdouk

Here is a lovely hooping video with some breathtaking moments brought to us by Aurore Mia HaÏjjdouk, aka Mia Hoops. Watch Mia’s hoop dance amidst beautiful sepia toned scenery, including the middle of a...

Loren DL

Loren DL: Playing With My Ghosts

Loren DL is playing with her ghosts in her first hooping video, and we’re not talking about anything paranormal this time either. Her Hooping.org debut is something pretty and brilliant you won’t want to...

Rico Titou

Rico Titou

We haven’t seen Rico Titou of Hoopys on Hooping.org in quite awhile and we’ve really missed his own unique style of hoop dance a lot. Really cool skills, brilliant colors, gorgeous landscapes, his new...