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Hooping with Amanda Mangiapane

Hooping with Amanda Mangiapane Amanda Mangiapane was tired of the short clip times available to her on Instagram, so she decided to produce her first full-length hooping video to document her flow. Enjoying the sun and rocking out with her hoop in the woods, she’s making a hooping.org debut in a fabulously coordinated outfit. Amanda is currently living in Dunedin, Florida, USA, and the soundtrack accompanying this video is called “Bloom” by Odesza, which can be added to your music collection quite easily over on iTunes.

Enchanted Forest Hooping with Fräulein Hoola

FrauleinHoola Join Fräulein Hoola of Koerperkunst.tk, otherwise known as Mona-Bawani Mühlhausen, as she takes us on a magical hoop journey through this lush, enchanted forest. This video was filmed and edited by Florian Spring and it’s a beautiful break from your busy day. Mona lives in Freiburg, Germany, and the soundtrack for this is called “The Keeper (Banks Remix feat. Andreya Triana)” by Bonobo and you can score a copy of it for your own music collection over on iTunes.

Enchanted Forest Hoop Dance with Gabrielle Provencher

GabrielleProvencher With flowers in her hair, Gabrielle Provencher brings us her marvelous flow surrounded by a vast expanse of nature’s beauty. In the vastness of the beautiful forest, her hoop dance is enchanting. This was filmed and edited by Cory Manley of Manley Media. She currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and the soundtrack is “Lebanese Blonde” by Thievery Corporation and you can find a copy of it for your very own over on iTunes.

Ji Young Lee’s Fairy Tale Flow in Milton Keynes

JiYoungLee Ji Young Lee spins up something beautiful and graceful with her woodland hoop dance in the forests of Milton Keynes, England, UK. In an eye-catching red dress, we’re in for some fairy tale flow and some beautiful scenes along the way. She currently lives in Bristol, England, UK, and the soundtrack for this is called “Brazilian Sun” by CocoRosie. If you enjoyed this enchanting melody, you can find a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.

A Peaceful Forest Hoop Dance with Flavie Steelandt

Flavie Steelandt The lovely and talented Flavie Steelandt of Floop di Hoop, who rightfully earned herself a lot of fans during Hooping Idol 4, returns from the German Hoop Convention for some beautifully serene hooping in the forest where she tries to utilize all that she learned. She lives in Nersingen, Germany, and the soundtrack for this is a live version of “Omat Odat” by Hang Massive and you can get a copy on iTunes.

Hooping in Fall Creek State Park with Kai Crusos

Kai Crusos Somewhere on a path in the lush, green beauty of Fall Creek State Park in California, Kai Crusos took some time out to stop and spin up this amazing video. Filmed by Kenny Hoff, Kai shares some mad hoop skills with us in the great outdoors, with a little acrobatics thrown into her hoop dance mix. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this is by Lucid Dubz and you can find them over on Soundcloud.

Woodland Hoop Dance with Allison Squire & Brittnee Ruppurt

woodland hoop dance Allison Squire and Brittnee Ruppurt star in this hoop dance art project by Kaylea Stoeltzing. Watch as they mesmerize us with their hooping moves deep in the forest while dressed as gothic woodland faeries! They’re facepaint may be intimidating, but they look quite beautiful as they move elegantly amidst the trees and leaves. They both live in Jamestown, New York, USA, and the soundtrack for this is by Crickets Make Math and you can snag a copy of their album for yourself over on iTunes.

Ashley Bransky

Ashley Bransky Ashley Bransky of A-Love Dance Expressions is hooping in her element in this hoop dance video that takes us out away from the Windy City and into a really beautiful forest. Ashley earned some bonus points with us too for her willingness to get down and dirty if she needs to as well. She lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and the soundtrack that she’s hooping to in this is called “L.E.S. Artistes” by Santigold and you can get a copy of it for yourself on iTunes.