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Foot Hooping with Shaina Sky

Shaina Sky spins up some beautiful foot hooping on stage. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Photo by Rockwood Photography.

blau hooping

Foot Hooping with BLAU

BLAU stands for “Birte Lisa Ausgesprochen Unerwartet”- which means Birte and Lisa highly unexpected – and this super cool new video from this dynamic duo...



We love this mysteriously romantic shot of Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach of Hoop Revolution, spinning a hoop on her foot at Amori’s Valentine. She lives in...


Foot Hooping with Caroleeena

Caroleeena of Caroleeena’s Circles of Joy was the very first¬†winner of our Hoopie Award for Tutorial of the Year back in 2010. Here she teaches...

Lisa Lottie

Lisa Lottie

We love this shot of Lisa Lottie of LisaLottie.com. She currently lives in London, England, UK. Photo by Bruno Haddad.