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Rotating Anti-Spin Flowers with Ziggy Starshiine

Ziggy Starshiine In case you didn’t think anti-spin flowers were fancy enough, Ziggy Starshiine, otherwise known as Jessica Juniper, is here with a brand new hooping tutorial to show us how to rotate them 360 degrees! Wowz! Ziggy breaks this awesome trick down with some really clear instructions and even shows us at the very end of the video how it can be done with twin hoops too. Are you ready to take things to a whole new level? Then try giving spinning your flowers 360! Ziggy lives in Paintsville, Kentucky, USA.

Wall Plane Triquetra’s With Zuriel Santiago

Zuriel Santiago Zuriel Santiago brings us a great twin hooping tutorial on wall plane flowers in Español, or Wall Plane Triquetras. In this tutorial we get a great view and an in-depth explanation of whats going on with this tricky move too. Zuriel gives us some simple transitions to get in and out of the move too. This is a great tutorial for any twin hooper looking to spice up their repertoire. He lives in Mexico City, Mexico, and the soundtrack to this is “Polish Girl” by Neon Indian which can be found and added to your collection on iTunes.

Extensions, Anti-Spins and Flowers

edited Hooping.org’s 2013 Newbie Hooper of the Year, isopuppy aka Caitlin Hofer of Hooping Healers Hoop Dance Troupe, teaches us some fundamental drawing techniques with the hoop including extensions, anti-spins and flowers. Many of these hoop skills stem from poi and although Caitlin doesn’t actually spin poi herself, she says that she has a lot of friends that do, “and I think it really influences my hooping, and one of my favorite hula hoopers has a lot of poi influences as well.” We love Caitlin’s take on these versatile moves in this tutorial and she even treats us to a little show at the end! She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Hooping Tutorials: Split Time Reversed Anti-Spin Flowers

Cassie McKenney You may remember Cassie McKenney from last week’s tutorial on four petal anti-spin flowers. In part two of her flower series, Cassie is here to show us how to do split time opposite direction anti-spin flowers. It may sound like quite a mouthful, but it’s a beautiful mini hoop skill for those out there that are interested in mini hooping. Keep an eye out for the three remaining installments of Cassie’s flower tutorial series in the weeks ahead. Cassie McKenney lives in Oakland, California, USA.

Alaskan Flowers

Megan Turner Hula Hooping

Megan Turner has multiple hoops spinning in the public flower garden at the Palmer, Alaska’s Visitor Center in Palmer, Alaska, USA. Photo by Lesa “Alaskan White Dragon” Hollen. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.