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Extensions, Anti-Spins and Flowers

Hooping.org’s 2013 Newbie Hooper of the Year, isopuppy aka Caitlin Hofer of Hooping Healers Hoop Dance Troupe, teaches us some fundamental drawing techniques with the hoop including extensions, anti-spins and flowers. Many of these hoop skills…

Hooping Tutorials: Split Time Reversed Anti-Spin Flowers

In part two of her flower series, Cassie is here to show us how to do split time opposite direction anti-spin flowers. It may sound like quite a mouthful, but it's a beautiful mini hoop…

Hooping Tutorials: Antispin Flowers

Drex is here to teach us how to do 3 and 4-petal antispin flowers while doing off the body hooping. He lives in Washington, DC, USA.