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Hooping Louder with Anna Mandala

Anna Mandala of Anna Mandala.com, otherwise known as LeeAnne Russell, spins up hoops in a variety of different sizes in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Tossing them high into the air against a street art backdrop,...


Hooping It Up with Evelyn Mixon

Evelyn Mixon spins up a hoop dance in the surf at New Smyrna Beach in Florida. She says, “I love love love hooping, even at my age, soon to celebrate my 64th birthday.” Go...

Alice Nimmo

Hooping with Alice Nimmo

Here we find Alice Nimmo hooping on one leg in a place that is stunning, and just a little precarious. She lives in Orlando, Florida, USA. Photo by Lucas Webb.

Mallory Williams

Hoop Dancing with Mallory Williams

Mallory Williams of MalloryWilliams.com is back with some funky and beautiful flow to share, spinning things up in her own back yard. With a perfect pizza toss and more in her hoop dance arsenal,...

Alice Nimmo Hula Hoops

Alice Nimmo Spins Her Hula Hoops

We fully expect to see this stunning photo of Alice Nimmo and her hula hoops in our next list of Hoopie Award nominations. Could it be any more gorgeous? She lives in Orlando, Florida,...

Brandy Kimbrell & Friend Hooping


Brandy Kimbrell of Hoopfurther recently had a mini jam sesh with her “best hoop friend, Cheech”. We really love the way they groove together too, because this is one hooping collaboration that works. Brandy...

Matthias Elliott Hooping

Matthias Elliott: There Are No Words

Matthias Elliott has titled his latest hooping video “There Are No Words”, and it’s so captivating it might leave you feeling a little speechless too. Filmed in such beautiful shining light and the murk...

Sara Kronenberg

Hooping with Sara Kronenberg

Sara Kronenberg spins up a winner with this, her hooping.org debut. Taking her hoops from her car we get to see some great moves in the daylight before she lights the wicks on her...

Fiji The Hula Hooping Dolphin

Fiji the Dolphin Learns to Hula Hoop

Hoopers of all shapes and sizes can learn a lesson in never giving up from this video featuring Fiji, the hula hooping dolphin. It’s quite impressive how he progresses over time and is finally...