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Hoop Jump Rope: A Hula Hoop Lesson For Kids!

Abby Albaum Abby Albaum of Hoola Monsters Kids is sharing with our youth how hoop dancing is a great approach to be inventive and have a fabulous time. Miss Abby and her fuzzy companion Bouncy are here with a new hooping tutorial for kids on how to do a old school favorite, the “Hoop Jump Rope”. Coming to us all the way from Hoolaville, they’re putting a imaginatively fun spin on teaching kids to hula hoop. The Hoola Monsters are based out of Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Miami Beach Hooping with Angelina Rose

AngelinaRose Angelina Rose of Karmatic Hoops is back again with a sunny and sassy hooping session, all spun in the shade of a palm tree on the beach in Miami, Florida, USA. She does a spectacular job of showing us what she’s made of too, keeping us captivated from start to finish. Angelina currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and the soundtrack here is called “Take It To The Floor (Featuring Dominic Lalli)” by Break Science, and you can grab a copy of it for your very own over on iTunes.

Hooping Underwater with Crystal Smith

Crystal-Smith While many of us could be accused of submerging ourselves in our love for hooping, Crystal Smith takes her hula hoop and bikini underwater to have some fun with what she’s appropriately calling her “H2Flow”. In this short, but very sweet video, she executes those isolations so smoothly while holding her breath, that we’re left wondering if maybe she just might be part mermaid. Crystal lives in Jupiter, Florida, USA.