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Morgan Orton

Morgan Chardi

Morgan Chardi spins a beautiful sunset hooping self portrait silhouette on a beautiful beach of Punta Banco, Costa Rica. Love it! She lives in Florida, USA.

Matthias Elliott

Matthias Elliott

Matthias Elliott, our Hoopie Award winning Male Hooper of the Year, spins up some romance in this awesome self portrait. He lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Kaitlyn hoops

Kaitlyn Rihm

Kaitlyn Rihm uses a leaf-strewn driveway and fall trees as the stark background for this graceful hoop dance. Barefoot and windblown, she glides and prances, creating a moving picture that perfectly embodies the soulful...


Amanda Vietta Peach

This beautiful and mysteriously masked hooper spinning a LED hoop is Amanda Vietta Peach. She lives in in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Photo by Matt Hillman.

Ginger Gypsy

Ginger Gypsy

Ginger Gypsy hoops it up at the Spirit of the Suwannnee Music Park. Photo by Onna Maya Meyer of Rising Sun Photography and Rainbow Warrior Hula Hoops. Ginger lives in Tallahassee, Florida, USA.


Vanessa Ortiz

Vanessa Ortiz spins up the heat with a fire hoop in this amazing shot by Omar Nazif Photography. She lives in Miami, Florida, USA.

Shaina Sky

Indigo Sky

We love this shot of Indigo Sky, aka Shaina Sky, taken at the Spirit of the Suwannnee Music Park by Onna Maya Meyer of Rising Sun Photography and Rainbow Warrior Hula Hoops. They both...

Hula Hoop Fitness

Hula Hoop Fitness Exercises

It’s a well known fact that hooping has amazing health benefits, but now it’s time to learn some basic moves you can work into your daily fitness routine! Over at Kurriosity.com, the “social network for...

Caitlin Skye

Caitlin Skye: Hooping on Pointe

Caitlin Skye may have begun her hooping career at the age of seven training with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, but once she was off tour she joined the prestigious Orlando...

Hoola Monsters

Hoola Monsters

Allow us to be the first to introduce you to “Iso”, played by Matthias Elliott, and that’s Jeremiah Collins in the back, otherwise known in the magical land of Hoolaville as “Bouncy”. They’re just...

Untitled (3)

Jessica Ann Smith

http://vimeo.com/73786034 Jessica Ann Smith spins her hoop for us in the waters of Ocala National Forest in Silver Spring, Florida, USA. She accentuates the exquisite beauty of the natural landscape with beautiful, slow and...

LED Hooping

Hooping Devil and Angel

Kay Sunshine and Marisa Heathcoe transformed into a hooping devil & angel in this incredible LED hooping photo shoot by Matt. So cute, we love it! They live in Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA.


Channing Napieralski

One thing’s for sure, when that summer sunshine hits, well, you just know you’re going to put your favourite song on, throw on some sunscreen, grab your hoop and soak up those rays and...

Kaylee Brown

Kaylee Brown

What hooper wouldn’t want to be featured in a music video? Well in MING’s latest video for his song “Carnival”, hooper Kaylee Brown is fortunate enough to do so and she sure spins up some fun...