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Full Circle Fire Mini Hooping with Melena Au Roara

Melena au As the sun sets, Melena Au Roara breaks out her mini full circle fire hoops for a practice session and it almost looks like the sun could have set her hoops on fire since it is shining so brightly behind her! Not to mention we are still a little baffled about how she doesn’t burn her hands. It’s her first time on Hooping.org too. Melena lives in Hayfork, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this video is “Perfect World” by Broken Bells, and you can grab a copy of it for your own collection on iTunes.

Hoop Dancing with Lilli Schmidt

Lilli Schmidt Lilli Schmidt serves up a wide variety of talent in this video including single and double hoop flow, to fire hooping and LED performance. The scenery is rich too with that mysterious intrigue of a long forgotten industrial building. It’s dilapidated structure juxtaposed to her clean hoop tech and beautiful dance is striking indeed. Lilli currently lives in Giessen, Germany, and the soundtrack for this is “Luminance (Be Svendson Remix)” by The Micronaut which you can score a copy of for your very own on Bandcamp.

Hooping at Pele’s Chair with Elizabeth Hope Davis

ElizabethHopeDavis Elizabeth Hope Davis of Kalalea Fire is making her site debut with this graceful hoop session filmed by Daniel Amato and Rafael Bergstrom. With the breathtaking Pele’s Chair in Honolulu as her backdrop, her elegant flow is as captivating as her scenery. Elizabeth is living in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, and the soundtrack here is called “Jubel” by Klingande and you can download a copy of it for your very own over on Soundcloud.

Oahu Fire Hooping with Shawna Sanders

Shawna Sanders fire hooping With water at her feet and fire on her hips, hoop dancer Shawna Sanders plays with the elements in her latest gorgeous video, filmed on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. She moves quite gracefully with her hoop and if you watch closely, you can see how the reflection in the water lights the fire up even more! Shawna lives in Fullerton, California, USA, and the soundtrack for this video is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole. You can easily snag a copy of it for your own collection on iTune.

Fire Hooping with Sarah E Sparkles

 Fire Hooping with Sarah E Sparkles Things heat up when Sarah E. Sparkles of Sparkle and Burn Hoop Dance goes fire hooping. This 2015 Fire Hooper of the Year nominee shows us what she’s made up. Filmed in an abandoned building, this was produced by Parish Productions with a special appearance by fire breather Lee Colt. Sarah lives in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, and the soundtrack for this one is by BenSound and you can find out more on the BenSound website.

Fire Hooping and Cherry Blossoms with Saleurn Ramos

Saleurn Ramos Cherry Blossom Saleurn “eS-Bot” Ramos of Hoop Bots lights up the night and the cherry blossoms with her springtime single and twin fire hooping. She spins up some impressive throws, interesting camera angles, and beautiful shots framed by the white cherry blossom trees. She lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and is dancing here to “Cheeba Cheeba (Instrumental)” by Madlib, which you can download your very own copy of over on iTunes.

Fire Hooping After Dark with Nick Minton

Nick Minton When the sun goes down it’s time for Nick Minton to set the night aflame, literally. Spinning some impressive fire hooping after dark in the great state of Florida, the flames swirl as Nick spins up the blues and the end result is quite beautiful. He lives in Orlando, Florida, USA, and the very appropriate soundtrack for this is “The World (Is Going Up In Flames)” by Charles Bradley, and you can get your copy of it for your very own quite easily on iTunes.