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Hoop Dancing with Jessie Favell

Jessie Favell hooping Australian hoop dancer and instructor Jessie Favell is back! This time she’s put together a compilation demo for your viewing pleasure that’s got a little bit of everything – including hoops, fire hoops, LED hoops, gorgeous scenery and more. She lives in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia, and the music that she’s hooping to is called “Fitzpleasure” by Alt-J and you can grab a copy of it for your own collection on iTunes.

Hoop Love with Shaheen and Shouniez

Shaheen and Shouniez Shaheen and Shouniez Van Der Schyff are quite the hoopy couple. The husband and wife duo have been spinning things up for the past two years and it’s really made an impact on their lives, and their relationship. Shaheen told Hooping.org, “Being a guy I initially said typical things like ‘Hooping is for girls’ and ‘Guys can’t Hoop’, but a few months later at an outdoor music festival I found myself dancing and getting lost in a hoop for hours.” Now they have a shared passion, one that has “provided us with hours of entertainment and it has opened our hearts to so many amazing people and so many amazing adventures. It also rekindled our already playful spirit.” Watch for some tandem hooping, skateboard hooping and some beautiful fire spinning too. They live in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, and the soundtrack here is “The Light (Zen Mechanics Mix)” by Ace Ventura (on iTunes).

A Primer for First Time Fire Hoopers

Spilt Sugar (2)[Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn spins up fire safety prep before you light up your hoop.]

by Lara Eastburn

Your friends are making New Year’s Resolutions about burning calories, but you’ve got a whole different kind of burn on your mind. You’ve been feeling a call to the flame and you’ve got the urge to add some real heat to your hooping. And who could blame you? Fire is the original gathering place of man. Its warmth and light indulge the primal spirit and mesmerize our eyes with its flickering, dancing tips. Fire is alive. It is born, it grows, consumes and eventually dies. Its life must be respected, and interaction with such a strong element requires an understanding of its nature. Excited? Scared? A little of both? No worries, my pyro-inclined friends. I’ve got your intro to the Ring of Fire right here.

What to Expect
Without fail, first-time fire spinners report being surprised by three things. Here they are. 1) It’s loud. Really loud. The swooshing of the flames around you is mesmerizing, but will also cut down on what you can hear. So turn the beat up. 2) It’s hot. Yeah, you know that. But it still may be hotter than you’re anticipating. That’s no reason to fret because you’re going to be safe. Just have a water bottle on hand for when you’re done. You’re going to need it. 3) And it’s bright. So bright that it will cut down on your visibility. Prepare your dance, know your space, and trust your safety person. Now let’s get down to business.