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Fiji Sunrise Hoop Dance

Vivian KaleaWe get a delicious taste of summer with Vivian Kalea hoop dancing to greet the sun on Naviti Island in Fiji. Fiji, for those who may not know, is an island nation in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean and having grown up in an urban jungle, Vivian has developed a need for stimuli, which she attempts to satisfy through many mediums including climbing, ooping, and music. Here we find her combining all three hooping at the highest point on the island. She has a blog and the soundtrack here is called “This is How it Goes” by Goldfish and you can score a copy of it for yourself on iTunes

Minnie Maniac Dazzles Fiji

Minnie Maniac

Minnie Maniac

The Fiji Village reports that many braved the wet weather conditions to catch the opening acts of four international entertainers at the Fiji Showcase 2011. The paper “saw many stunned with the antics of Minnie Maniac, the crazy cheer leader, who showed many people different ways of using a hula hoop.” She said she really enjoyed her first outing and promises loads more over the next few days. Minnie Maniac’s real name is Toni Smith and she began her performing career at the age of 18 after attending Circus School in New Zealand. She first specialized in trapeze and tight rope before developing her hula hoop skills under the tuition of Svetlana Schukin of the Moscow State Circus. She has since toured the world, performing in circuses, festivals, and theatres. She first unleashed her unabashed hula-hooping cheerleader character on the world in 2003.

2010 Ambassador Summary


  • Gina W delivers hoops to the Faveles in Rio as part of the Brazilian National Children’s Day.  Also they are taking hoops to Duque de Caxias
  • Estesfania delivered hoops to the Ecuador rainforest’s Indigenous Achuar in Pumpuentza.
  • Feivel is taking hoops to Panama with her group Bridges Across Borders
  • Moriah, a 12-year old hooper, is heading to India for a year with hoops and her group:  Comprehensive Rural Health Project
  • Betty from Lucas Hooping returns from Palestine and heads to Bali in September with 40 hoops for World Hoop Day
  • Jowanna makes hoops so friend can deliver to children in Uganda
  • Kirby donates hoops to The Tree Of Life Orphanage in Thailand
  • Jane takes hoops to Peru and meets some of the world’s best hoop tapers:  Textile weavers in the Andes.
  • Jenny is a school counselor in Oregon who requested hoops from the World Hoop Day Foundation.  They are on their way!
  • Jowanna in Gold Coast, Australia gives away over 50 hoops the first week of January and spreads her wings to Sydney.  She has also donated to Aboriginals and other children in need.
  • Pixie Hoops moved to Fiji with supplying local children with 100 hoops and flow arts training.