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Do Magnetic Fitness Hula Hoops Really Work?

magneticmassagehulahoop by Caitlin Freeman

Have you ever seen a magnetic fitness hula hoop? Y’know, they come in a box that weighs about five pounds? It’s the one with the picture of a smiling woman rocking her six-pack abs with a giant, bumpy plastic hoop on the front. I’ve seen products like it ever since picking up my first hoop in 2011. I’ve peered curiously at the ads and marveled at their promises to burn “100 calories in 10 minutes”. Whenever I imagined trying one, however, I’d think about how much it would hurt when I inevitably dropped it on my toe, or whacked myself in the nose. I must admit that I’ve continued to feel the pull of magnetic fitness hoops though. I’ve ended up returning to that box on the shelf repeatedly. And questions have continued to loom in the back of my mind – “Do those magnets really make that much of a difference?” “What’s up with the supposed massage effect?” “Do they even work?” With a degree in Exercise Science and a need to leave no question unanswered, I decided it was time to finally solve this mystery for all of us.

I want to begin with what really sets these apart from standard adult-sized dance hoops and other types of fitness hoops: the magnets. These special hoops operate on the idea of biomagnetism, which claims that exposure to a static magnetic field can increase the rate of cellular respiration. So magnets make you break down more fuel, use more calories, and speed up weight loss, right? Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. Unable to find any conclusive proof that magnets actually assist in weight loss online, I decided to venture deep into the world of academic research.

The idea of biomagnetism and weight loss has not been widely researched. In fact, I found just one recent experiment that directly addressed this issue. The researchers found that long-term exposure to a static magnetic field could lead to a decrease in body weight in mice, which was attributed to a suppressed food intake. So perhaps these magnetic hoops can increase weight loss through a mechanism of simply eating less. This is where an important distinction must be made though. In the research, the mice were exposed to a magnetic field all day long. Due to the weight of these hoops, using them for an extended amount of time, like more than ten minutes a day, is not recommended. Taking that into consideration, I do not think we can say that using these hoops provides enough adequate exposure to magnets to warrant the effects of appetite suppression.

Even if the magnets are ineffective, however, burning “100 calories in 10 minutes” sounds pretty tempting. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), however, a choreographed hoop fitness class with a standard adult-sized dance hoop can burn about 7 calories a minute. This is obviously below the advertised 10 calories per minute claimed by using the magnetic hoop. For said claim to be true, using these magnetic hoops would have to qualify as vigorous physical activity. That would mean most people should only be able to speak in short bursts while using the hoop, with heart rates somewhere between 70 and 85 percent of their maximal. While this may be true for some, for most of us they would be working at a lower level of intensity, meaning the calorie-torching benefits would be lessened, so it doesn’t really add up.

Not only do the benefits not seem to be there, there may be some drawbacks to using a magnetic fitness hula hoop as well. While they call attention to the massaging effect, many people report discomfort and bruising from the weight and design of these hoops, beyond what occurs from standard hoop bruising. For novice hoopers or people trying it out for the first time, this can potentially be very discouraging, maybe even reducing their likelihood to continue. Believe it or not, being repeatedly covered in painful bruises might chase some people away rather than bring them into the community. Our community of hoopers is a very encouraging one, and we think hooping should be a positive experience for everyone who takes the first steps to try it out.

Another drawback would be the amount of time that you can actually use these hoops. Most fitness hoops that weigh a few pounds or more come with a warning not to use them for more than ten minutes a day. While they might seem great for whittling the waist, the amount of time spent in actual exercise is rather minimal, not to mention laborious. Using an adult-sized dance hoop that weighs less than 2 pounds, however, allows you not only to exercise longer, but to be able to do much more than waist hooping. It’s also a hell of a lot more fun, too.

So, the promises of magnetic hoops and the realities seem to be at opposite poles. The magnets do not seem to rev up the body’s metabolism as promised, and the claims of calories burned are higher than what currently available research shows. However, moving your body a little is better than not moving your body at all. I respect magnetic hula hoops because they are an avenue to bring people into our happy hooping family, even if they are covered in bruises. And, ultimately, we’re delighted to see you in arrive in our circle, no matter what your hoop looks like.

What do you think? Have you ever used a magnetic hoop? If so, let us know about your experience in the comments below!


caitlinfreeman You can tell Caitlin Freeman is a hooper just by looking at her car. There are rolls of duct tape in the trunk, a satchel full of her favorite hoops in the back seat, and some stray connectors rolling around on the floor somewhere. She picked up the hoop in 2011, and she has yet to put it down. Hooping provided her with an outlet to explore her personality and to fall in love with movement. A full-time fitness instructor, Caitlin lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She’s on Facebook.

Our 30/30 Hoopy New Year Challenge

3030advert by Philo Hagen

Don’t you just love that clean slate feeling of a new year rolling around again? Whatever happened in 2014 is now a thing of the past and we’ve got our eyes on 2015 and it’s looking really good! Woot woot! And whatever your new year resolutions might be, Hooping.org is here to help you kick your 2015 off just right with the perfect challenge to take care of practically all of them. If you want to be happier, feel sexier and have more fun in the new year, we’ve got just the challenge for you. If you want to lose the holiday weight that found you at all of those holiday parties, we’ve got the challenge for you too. If you want to be more mindful and centered in 2014, to be more present and radiant in the new year, we’ve got the perfect challenge for you. It’s time for our annual 30/30 Hoopy New Year Hooping Challenge that will help you spin up whatever resolutions and revolution you want to see come your way.

Those who have been with us awhile are familiar with how our 30/30 challenges works, but for those that are new, here’s what you need to know. The basic premise is this: 1) Make a public commitment in the comments below to hoop for at least 30 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days during the month of January. 2) When you are finished with your hoop session each day, post a comment about your daily hooping experience, however brief or detailed, on the “Day 1″ and then “Day 2″ and then “Day 3″ posts for each corresponding day of the challenge on Hooping.org’s Facebook Page. Why? So we can all have accountability to one another. So we can all really support each other along the way.

Each day of the challenge a new challenge photo post will go up on Hooping.org’s Facebook Page and the first one is already up and waiting for your New Years Day hooping so spread the word! The more hoopers we have doing this together, the more fun it’s going to be for all of us. And seeing as January has 31 days in it, you can totally begin on January 2nd as well and still hoop up your 30 minutes of hooping for 30 days in January. BUT for those of us who start on New Years Day itself, we will all have a wild-card free pass day at our disposal, to use at our own discretion, should we need it at some point during the month. Just check in on that daily post and say that you used or are using your Wild Card day.

And to motivate all of us even more we’ve got a little prize incentive for you too. We’ve got a pretty cool little collection of hooping related stickers for our winner and an iTunes gift card. So go for it! Of course everyone who is spinning up this challenge is already a winner in the new year just for participating. To be eligible for the little prize drawing, however, you must:

1) Post your commitment to our New Year 30/30 Hooping Challenge in the comments below.
2) Hoop for a minimum of 30 minutes each day of the challenge. You can break it into several smaller sessions during your day if you need to, just as long as they add up to at least 30 minutes a day.
3) Share about your daily 30/30 hooping experience on Hooping.org’s Facebook Page on the photo post corresponding to that day. At the end of the month all who completed the challenge will be entered into a random drawing.

So let’s spin up the joy and fun and fitness and radiance for 2014. It’s a new year and it’s time to let go and bring an even better you into it, so have fun hooping your way into the new year and reaping all of the benefits along the way. And please help spread the word so that we can spread the joy and fun and fitness of hooping and community even further too. Good luck everyone and here’s to all of us having a super healthy, happy and hoopy new year!


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Hula Hoop Core Workout with Deanne Love

DeanneLove Are you ready to burn some calories and break a sweat looking fabulous while you do it? Deanne Love of Hooplovers is here with a Hoop Boot Camp Workout that’s great for any hooping skill level, so give it a spin. Our 2014 Hoopie Award winning Instructor of the Year focuses on Core Muscle Training here and says this was created, “So we can have a super hooper workout in between our dance and trick play.” Deanne lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

9 Great Warm Up Exercises For Hoopers

hoopwarmup by Philo Hagen

When we first start hooping and we’re focusing on just keeping the hoop moving around our core, and we tend to only hoop for short periods of time, we don’t really need to warm up for hooping all that much. We can generally do some simple stretches and give it a spin. But the more we hoop, and the longer we do it and better we get at it, the more we begin to bring our whole body to the experience. Once we begin to bring more of our body to hooping, and spin it up for longer periods of time, it becomes increasingly important to warm up some first, especially this time of year when the world around us might be getting colder. Hooping may put a smile on our face, but it’s pretty hard to maintain that smile once you pull a muscle.

Picture all of the muscles in our bodies being like rubber bands. If you spend your day sitting in front of a computer in a desk chair that may or may not be ergonomically right for you, most of our rubber bands are spend the day being relatively, if not completely, unused. That lack of overall body movement combined with stress tends to make our bodies feel tight and constricted. So when we head home after a long day of physical inactivity and crank the tunes and grab our hoop, the cold Autumn air meets our cooler unstretched rubber band bodies and if we do too much too soon something may just snap. Ouch!

For those who already have a yoga or stretching practice that they’re into, you can certainly bring that to your hooping experience. When it comes to hoop dance, however, dynamic warm-ups are really the smart way to go. When you jump around and loosen up your muscles and wake your body up first and get it active before you hoop, you’re letting it know to get ready for action. Doing so gets your body on game plan and will help you avoid injury. A dynamic warm up can also help us activate our central nervous system, priming those muscle bands for a session they’re really going to enjoy. Throw in improved blood circulation to really help you perform well, and by the time you pick up your hoop you’re really good to go.

Warming up before we hoop can also help us become better hoopers. How? When your muscles and joints are ready for maximum flexibility, you’ll be able to stretch them farther and with greater extension. You can transform those quick short vortexes into taller and higher moves than you would ordinarily be able to do. When we warm up first, we are creating a body with more agility and movement and in doing so we’re really adding some additional colors and textures and techniques to our art.

How much time will it take? Doing a proper warm up need only take five to ten minutes. So, are you ready for a dynamic warm up? Always keep in mind to only do what you can, what feels good for your own body, and adjust the exercises in the warm up so that you feel physically good about doing them and go from there.

1: 30 Seconds of jumping rope. Jumping rope for 30 seconds will really wake up our whole body. Don’t have a rope? Pretend you do and practice your invisible jump rope anyway.

2: 20 jumping jacks. Pull your shoulder blades back, extend your arms and really focus on the movement. You’re getting all of your limbs ready to hoop.

3: 5 body weight squats. This really gets your legs ready for action.

4: 5 lunges for each leg. Not familiar with how to do a lunge properly? Liz will tell you all about it.

5: 5 hip extensions. Tamera can teach you how to do a very low impact hip extension below. If you’re already very fit, you can try doing the same thing, but approaching it being from the ground on all fours on your hands and knees. Lift a leg back behind you and extend your hip. The principle is the same and the stretch will be in greater.

6: 5 hip rotations for each leg. If you’re doing hip extensions on the ground, roll over on to your side and rotate your hip as well. Bryan can tell you more about it above.

7: Leg Swings. Go for 5 standing forward leg swings and 5 standing side leg swings using each leg.

8: 5 arm swings. Hold your arms straight out to the side, and then swing and cross them in front of your chest. Repeat.

9: Shoulder rotations. Holding your arms straight out to the side again, this time move your arms in a circular motion, making bigger circles each time. This is great for your shoulders.

As you can see, even though we are warming up our whole body for hooping, we are putting extra emphasis on warming up our hips, butt, legs and core. Why? Because these are the muscles that tend to be the least active during the day – and these are the muscles we often use the most when we are hooping, even if the movements are sometimes subtle.

If this warm up is really easy for you, or as you get better at it over time, feel free to increase the numbers for an even better kick off. While warming up may not be as fun as hooping is itself, ultimately it will help us to enjoy our hooping even more, and help keep our bodies in the best shape for our hoop dance so we can remain injury free and spinning it up for years to come.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Our Fall 30/30 Hooping Fun and Fitness Challenge

fall3030-2014 by Philo Hagen

It’s officially Autumn and many of us are falling back into our routines again. The world may be getting a little colder and darker for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop spinning up some fun and fitness either. In fact, spinning some smiles and exercise into our lives becomes even more valuable now. Hooping is a joy creater, a great meditation for spinning away those things that really aren’t that important, plus it’s the perfect solution for warding off those additional pounds that like to start coming by for a visit now. That’s why we’re proud to present Hooping.org’s Fall Fun & Fitness 30/30 Hooping Challenge.

For those who may not be familiar with our 30/30 challenges over the years, the basic premise is this: 1) Make a public declaration that you will be hooping for at least 30 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days during the month of October by leaving a reply or comment below at the end of this post. 2) Starting on October 1st, once you have completed your 30 minutes of hooping for that day share about your hooping experience, as brief or as detailed as you wish, on the post corresponding to that date on our Facebook Page. Why? So we can have accountability to one another, support each other along the way and spin up some community with old and new hooping friends in the process. Each day a new announcement will go up on Hooping.org’s Facebook Page in the wee small hours of the morning for you to share about your experience with our 30/30 Hooping Challenge for that day on. On Day one we’ll share on the Day 1 Facebook post, followed by Day 2 on the Day 2 Facebook post, etc.

And the more the merrier is so true when it comes to the 30/30 too. The more people we have involved in the challenge, the more fun and love and support we’re gonna be able to give and receive along the way, so we not only invite you to take the challenge, we invite you to help us spread the word.

WILD CARD DAY: For those who start on October 1st you will have a Wild Card Day during the month of October to use is you need it. So don’t let a rough day at work or a cold take you down for the count. Turn in your Wild Card and keep on hooping. Those who start on October 2nd will not have a Wild Card Day to use, but can still join us in the 30/30 between now and Halloween.

The Fall Fun & Fitness 30/30 Hooping Challenge is indeed a challenge too, but I have faith that each and every one of you can make it happen. We can always accomplish things together that we can never do alone, so join in the fun with a friend where you live or a hooping pal online. Prioritize time daily to make room for hooping fun and fitness. Got a smart phone? Set a daily alarm or calendar reminder to alert you that it’s time to hoop. We’ve also discovered over the years doing this that it’s best for most to try not to put it off to be the last thing to do at the end of the day, even if you need to squeeze in three 3 minute and 20 second segments if it’s all that fits into your schedule.

For those who take the challenge you will quite likely find that your days will be happier and more energized. You may hit an energetic wall early on, but keep on hooping through it as you’re likely to have a breakthrough. Don’t be surprised if you lose some weight too – I lost 12 pounds the first time I did the full 30/30. And get this – it only takes 21 days to create a life habit, so by hooping on the daily for 30 days the hooping practice you’ve been thinking about will become a reality. I’m really looking forward to creating happier and healthier hooping habits together this month too because I am taking the challenge. Let’s do this!

PHOTO FUN: For those who are photographically inclined, and no pressure if you’re not, we also invite you to post a photo with your daily check in. It’s easy to do on Facebook by clicking the camera icon on the right side of the comment area and we’ll share some inspiring photo collages along the way. It’s another way for us to spin some more fun into the challenge for each other too.

And to motivate you all even more, we’ve got a little prize incentive too. At the end of the challenge we will be doing a drawing and one lucky hooper from those who completed all 30 days who will win a little something. It’s not really about winning though, because everyone who participates is going to be feeling like a winner – so let’s all be winners this Fall and hoop it up!

To be eligible for the prize drawing, here’s what you need to do:

1) Post your intention to complete the Fall Fun & Fitness 30/30 Hooping Challenge with a Reply or Comment below.
2) Hoop for a minimum of 30 minutes during each day of the challenge.
3) Share about your daily hooping experience on the corresponding post for that day on Hooping.org’s Facebook Page. At the end of the month, all who completed the challenge will be entered into a random drawing and a winner will be selected.

So, are you ready to rock October and spin more fun and fitness into your life? Welcome aboard and declare your commitment in the comments below!

I can’t wait to hear about your experiences and transformations each day and we wish you all the very best of luck. The Fall Fun and Fitness 30/30 Hooping Challenge is back and together, we can do it!

UPDATE: Our Day 1 post is up on our Facebook Page and the hashtag for any 30/30 posts is #Hooping30.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

700 Kids Spin Sacramento Hula Hoop Mob

Hula Hoops in Sacramento by Jenny Hill

Imagine 700 kids hula hooping all at the same time. Sounds impossible, right? But recently at the Sacramento Start program in Sacramento, California, USA, that’s exactly what happened. It was truly a mob of kids and hoops – 700 of them to be exact! Sacramento Start, an after school program, had contacted Kellee McQuinn at KidTribe to develop a routine with the hoop that would work with their summertime curriculum theme which was “Through the Decades.” She developed a mix of music that highlighted some of the best songs throughout the time periods, created a hoop routine, taught the teachers, who then shared the routine with their students. In the end everyone came together and performed the routine at a hoop mob event attended by senators, the mayor, and plenty of others!

The hula hoop event, learning the routine and performing it, not only helped the Sacramento Start program comply with their Physical Education grant, it brought a lot of PR to the program and to after school programs in general. “It’s not about performance,” Kellee told Hooping.org, “It’s much more about participation. It’s about enjoying it.”

Being up to her eyeballs in hoops with 700 kids wasn’t something Kellee had envisioned for her life, but when the former actress thought back to the times when she was happiest, they were the moments in her life when she was working with kids. From that realization, a desire to help kids and an interest in preventing childhood obesity, KidTribe was born. Over the years it has grown from dance classes to an after school hip hop dance party (think glow sticks, music, and plenty of energy!), to school assembles with over 3 million kids participating in schools, after-school programs, summer camps, and communities across the US and UK. Hooping plays a big part of it.

A lot of programs out there combatting childhood obesity say things like “The kids are having so much fun they don’t even realize they are exercising!” Kellee doesn’t buy into that. “I want the kids to know that they ARE exercising,” she said, “and to have a positive relationship with their bodies. Exercise doesn’t have to feel like a lame PE class where you just run laps. There’s a lot of humor in our programs. There has to be. It’s silly!”

Kellee says the kids who are athletic are really into hooping, but she most wants to reach the ones who aren’t, the kids who get the suspicious stomach ache right before gym class. “The kids who are on the fringes are the ones I connect with the most,” she said. “In the Ozarks I met this kid I called Einstein, because he kept answering all the questions we asked really loudly. Instead of correcting him, I said, ‘Dude, you’re smart, like Einstein!’ He came up on stage, and was really into it. The principal pulled me aside afterward and asked if anyone had tipped me off about him. He was the kid who was unable to sit through any assembly before because his behavior was so bad. There he was, hooping in front of the entire school as they chanted, ‘Einstein! Einstein!’”

Hula Hoop Sacramento 2 At KidTribe events and assemblies, the hoop represents engagement and transformation. In an hour long show, kids learn how to warm up with the hoop, skill up with new tricks, play games, laugh, and grow. “When I say grow, you say thrive!” is a lyric to an instructional song Kellee created and uses in the assemblies, and it’s an ear worm with a positive message. “We go from place to place every day. It’s a fully fleshed out show, a fitness frenzy, that incorporates messages about fitness, nutrition, and anti-bullying. I consider 250 kids a small group. We’ve worked with as many as thirty five thousand to sixty thousand in a day.”

There’s a sense of unity that happens within the school with KidTribe programs too. Perhaps that is why they get invited back year after year and as word gets out, their schedule is growing. The good work KidTribe attracted the attention of the White House in 2010, with the first lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative in full swing, and with Michele Obama hula hooping as well it was the perfect fit. Kellee and her crew have been invited back four years in a row to participate in the Annual Easter Egg Roll. The City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department offers the Sacramento START free summer and after school programs to elementary school students at 33 schools. Children at the following schools participated in the Hoop Mob event: Golden Empire Elementary, Pony Express Elementary, Tahoe Elementary, John Cabrillo Elementary, Garden Valley Elementary, Del Paso Elementary, Robla Elementary and Glenwood Elementary.

“There’s not a day that goes by when I’m hooping with kids that I don’t cry a little and laugh a lot. To see them so engaged and to see their spirits just break out! I especially love with community health and fitness events that the adults turn into kids as well,” says Kellee. “When I close my eyes, I see so many smiling children’s faces.”


Jenny Hill Contributor Jenny Hill is a poet, arts educator, hoop instructor, performer, and encourager at Acts of Jennius. She is editor and book designer for Paper Kite Press, an independent press for poetry. For 38 years of her life, she lived within the safe confines of her head, and then the hoop found her. If you leave your backyard unattended, she might just start a Hoop(oetry) circus there. She lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. She’s also on Facebook.

Tone Your Arms with Hooping: 3 Arm Toning Hula Hoop Moves

3ArmToningMoves You don’t need to pump iron to build up those biceps and triceps. All you need is your hoop and this fantastic instructional video will help you get those arms nice and toned. Donna Sparx of Hoop Sparx, otherwise known as Donna Gross, teaches us three hard working and fun moves, each targeting a certain a certain area of your arm: The Tricep Iso Rock, Bangin’ Biceps and the Z-Spin. Hooping is a great way to get yourself in shape! Donna lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Get Your Fitness Hooping Workout with Jane Fondle

Hula Hoop Exercise Jane Fondle of Hoops, Thighs, & Buttocks, along with her sidekicks Punky Hoopster and Donna Comet, bring us a colorful hoopercise video incorporating 80’s fitness video essence with your hoop and arm exercise weight lifting sets. “Working out can be fun,” Jane explains as she and her fellow teachers Werq.It.Out and if you don’t have hand weights, try canned food! These ladies live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and the retro tunes heard here are “Controversy” by Prince (on iTunes) and “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, also on iTunes.

Ana Fernandez: The Real Nashville Hooping Housewife

The Private Lives of Nashville Wives by Philo Hagen

On The Privates Lives of Nashville Wives, the American reality television series that kicked off last month on TNT, the series revolves around the social circle of six women who reside in Nashville, Tennessee. Life, however, revolves a lot more for one of our housewives than the rest. Ana Fernandez started hooping at the age of 40 and she not only credits hooping with giving her the body that she has today, you’ll find her hooping on the show and taking a little time out to spread the hoop love. In fact, she’s even teaching others how to make a hoop of their own and start spinning up their own lives. As she explains, “All you need is some PVC pipe, a connector that you can buy at the hardware store, pipe cutters and some tapes.”


When it comes to the hoop in her life Ana says, “It changed my body completely.” She credits hooping with getting her arms in great shape too and Ana likes being able to have some fun with her fitness. “When I hoop I wear hand weights, work out my legs, listen to my favorite music – and then I get to look like this doing it!” Her and her sister have a laugh about that last part by the way, but Ana’s pretty serious about one of her favorite pastimes.

Ana Fernandez


Born and raised in Miami, her and her identical twin sister, Betty Model, are two of the six housewives on the show and it’s Betty who helps her out with her hoop making video. When Ana challenges her to a little hooping contest though Betty immediately says, “You won.” Ana’s response? “I’m used to that.” Don’t you just love sisters?

AnaFernandez Ana is a single mom with two children – Christian (21) and Gabriella (aka “Gigi” – 11). She’s also a serial dater who is struggling to find the right guy and has just started online dating. Betty thinks Anah has poor judgment when it comes to men and Ana’s highly extroverted personality often clashes with Betty’s ideals, which are a little more conservative. Ana says, “The key to my personality is freedom. I lack a mouth filter, discipline and order, and I can also be impulsive, doing or expressing things I regret later. I love to ride my scooter, dance, hike, hula hoop, race and compete. Music, art, food and other sensory experiences are essential to the enjoyment of my life. I love to be involved in several things at the same time as long as I’m not tied down to any one thing.”

One thing that seems to be constant in her life though is hooping and we love that she wants others to try it too. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend 1″ pipe for everybody (3/4″ is probably more universally appealing), and figuring out the diameter of your hoop simply by the height of your waist doesn’t work for all bodies of all sizes, she’s obviously caught the hooping bug and you can watch the tutorial on how to make a hoop with her and her sister Betty on the TNT website. It’s the first of their How To Videos here.


Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

How I Eat Chocolate Everyday and Stay in Shape

Deanne Love chocolate work out Deanne Love of Hoop Lovers proclaims to be a choco-holic and eats chocolate every single day, sometimes even for breakfast! But, never fear, she goes on to show you how she burns all those brownie calories away, turning them into stong abs thanks to an awesome hula hooping core workout. What perfect timing with the holidays just around the corner and all the yummy foods that will be festively place around our tables and offices, right? Keep this one handy and bookmarked for easy reference and go ahead and enjoy a few holiday treats. Deanne Love lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.