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Hooping in London and Berlin with Henna Matanuska

Henna Matanuska HoopingHenna Matanuska of MataHoops blew us away with her latest video filmed in London and Berlin. Watch for the crazy pop up toss we had to rewind several times, not to mention a few other things that left us reeling. With single and double hoops, she’s always spinning up something cool. Henna lives in Tampere, Finland, and the soundtrack for this song is called “L.E.S. Artistes” by Santogold and you can get a copy of it for yourself as well over on iTunes.

Dominika Valko

Dominika Salvo

Dominika Valko knows how to play and in her latest video that’s exactly what she is doing, with her hoop. She says, “Just playing, somehow doing some progress, so we can call it play in progress.” She’s playing here with…

Aurore Mia HaÏjjdouk

Mia Hoops

Here is a lovely hooping video with some breathtaking moments brought to us by Aurore Mia HaÏjjdouk, aka Mia Hoops. Watch Mia’s hoop dance amidst beautiful sepia toned scenery, including the middle of a babbling brook. She goes on to spin…

Henna Matanuska

Henna Matanuska

Henna Matanuska of MataHoops takes to the stage and spins up an incredible performance with a single hoop, and she takes time out to spin some twins later on. It’s always a treat to get to watch her do her…