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Hooping in London and Berlin with Henna Matanuska

Henna Matanuska HoopingHenna Matanuska of MataHoops blew us away with her latest video filmed in London and Berlin. Watch for the crazy pop up toss we had to rewind several times, not to mention a few other things that left us reeling. With single and double hoops, she’s always spinning up something cool. Henna lives in Tampere, Finland, and the soundtrack for this song is called “L.E.S. Artistes” by Santogold and you can get a copy of it for yourself as well over on iTunes.

Jelena Mitra’s Love of Geometry and Fibonacci

Jelena Mitra Jelena Mitra Thiessen of Mitra Hoop knows that everything is geometric. Fraktalfabriken in Sweden set a world record in building the world’s largest fractal pyramid too. It’s 16 m high and it’s a structure that never ends. It goes on forever, but just gets smaller and smaller (or bigger). She says, “You can not measure the fractal precisely because it never ends. It is part of the fibonacci sequence. When we do hoop dance we also create this movement and pattern in, around and out through the body. It can be hard to physically witness it, but if you do hooping then I’m sure you are feeling it.The fibonacci creates an angular/square pattern, as well an equal circular pattern that fits perfectly into each other. When these two patterns are combined into motion it creates a spiral (fibonacci). This is what we do when we dance our hoop dance.” Jelena lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and the soundtrack here is “iPlayYouListen” by Odesza and you can download it for free on Soundcloud.

Dominika Valko

Dominika Salvo Dominika Valko knows how to play and in her latest video that’s exactly what she is doing, with her hoop. She says, “Just playing, somehow doing some progress, so we can call it play in progress.” She’s playing here with one, two, three and four hoops too. She lives in Bratislava, Slovakia, and the soundtrack for this video is called “Moon (Trentmoller Remix” by Trentmoller and it’s available for you to download a copy of it for your very own on iTunes.

Aurore Mia HaÏjjdouk

Mia Hoops Here is a lovely hooping video with some breathtaking moments brought to us by Aurore Mia HaÏjjdouk, aka Mia Hoops. Watch Mia’s hoop dance amidst beautiful sepia toned scenery, including the middle of a babbling brook. She goes on to spin both single and multiple hoops in what she describes as her “Normandy Forest Paradise”. She lives in Caen, France, and the soundtrack for this is “You Don’t Hear Me Now” by Golden Animals and it’s available for you to download too on iTunes.

Henna Matanuska

Henna Matanuska Henna Matanuska of MataHoops takes to the stage and spins up an incredible performance with a single hoop, and she takes time out to spin some twins later on. It’s always a treat to get to watch her do her thing, bringing her own unique style to everything she does. She lives in Tampere, Finland, and the soundtrack for this song is called “Prituri Se Planinata (Nit Grit Remix) by Stellamara and you can score a copy of it for yourself quite easily. It’s available for you to download on iTunes.

Henna Matanuska

Henna MatanuskaHenna Matanuska of MataHoops has spun up something fun to watch in the sand and surf. Here we find her hooping in paradise, which is more specifically Arambol, Goa, India. It was there on the beach that she challenged herself to play in the water and the end result is something you won’t want to miss. Henna lives in Tampere, Finland, and the soundtrack for this is called “Lillies of the Valley” by Jun Miyake and you can score a copy of it for your very own quite easily on iTunes.

Rico Titou

Rico Titou We haven’t seen Rico Titou of Hoopys on Hooping.org in quite awhile and we’ve really missed his own unique style of hoop dance a lot. Really cool skills, brilliant colors, gorgeous landscapes, his new demo takes us from the country to the stage, and from day to night with a little The video was filmed by Te Touze in Arambol, Goa, India. Rico is currently living in Vanosc, France, and the soundtrack that he’s hooping to is called “Funkin Lovely” by Love & Light and it’s available for you to download for your own hoopjam on iTunes.

Hoopera Fest 2013

Hoopera Fest 2013 We’re taking you to Paris for a quick look at what was hoopening at Hoopera Fest 2013. In celebration of Hoopera‘s second year, hoopers gathered at Studio Le Regard du Cygne and we highly recommend giving this fun video your attention if not only to see the foot to foot toss by Valentino Bogino. There’s lots of wonderful things to see from everyone else too including a group performance by the beginners class, as well as performances by Anossens aka Emilie Durand, Lila Chupa-Hoops, Shamay and Lou Cat, Velvet Hoopnroll, Marie Lou, Corail Firenza and Charlotte Nouziès. The soundtrack for this is “La Foule” by Cassita.

Hoopwonderland with Kristin Lahoop

Hoopwonderland with Kristin LahoopThose who are prone to seizures are the only ones who should skip this trip to Hoopwonderland with Kristin Lahoop. She’s spun up a totally amazing winner of a hooping video that was made in collaboration with ChickenChris. She says, “One year ago ChickenChris told me about his video idea. He asked for an exact choreography where every movement could be reproduced in the same way in the same timing at different places. I thought this would be impossible because in my choreographies I’m moving too much and I always do some kind of improvisation. But what would it look like? I was too curious – I had to try!” The end result, which was filmed at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, is not to be missed. Kristin lives in Berlin, Germany, and the soundtrack for this is “Chicken Bone Circuit” by RJD2 and it’s available on iTunes.

Valeriya Davidenko, Darya Davidenko, Vladislava Narayeva and Sofiya Yakovenko

Valeriya Davidenko, Darya Davidenko, Vladislava Narayeva and Sofiya Yakovenko Here’s a super impressive hula hoop performance starring four young girls that you aren’t going to believe! Filmed at the International Festival of Circus Art in Luhansk, Ukraine, the hoopers are Valeriya Davidenko, Darya Davidenko, Vladislava Narayeva and Sofiya Yakovenko – and they are all under the age of ten! There is some real talent here too for someone of any age group. These girls are more like a mix of tiny acrobats and hoopers too and boy, are they flexible! They all live in Kiev, Ukraine, and the soundtrack for this is the “Promenade Del Cammello” by Orchestra Di Roma.