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20140831-Emma Hörnell

Emma Who and Her Hula Hoop

Emma Who balances her hula hoop on her head in this beautiful shot. Love it! She lives in Östersund, Sweden. Photo by Cecilia Kreuzberger.

Malu Feurershow hooping

Pregnant Hooping with Anne

Anne, otherwise known as Malu Feuershow of Feuershow and Poi and Friends.com is expecting a bundle of joy and has decided to get the little...

Nina Larsson

Hooping with Nina Larsson

Nina Larsson spins a hula hoop while balancing on one leg during her trip to Finland. Love it! Photo by Henna Matanuska. She lives in...


Birthday Hooping with Karinehoop

Karinehoop, otherwise known as Karine Larnaudie, really knows how to celebrate her 40th birthday with family and hoop friends and a birthday hooping video. Sharing...