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Tiana Zoumer

Tiana Zoumer: The Keeper of White Walls

Tiana Zoumer of Zoumerus.com continues to astound us with her innovative and dexterous flow in this video that she calls “The Keeper of White Walls.” Filmed at Katakomben, a circus training center in Berlin,...

Romina Micheletty beams as she spins the hoop above her head

Romina Micheletty Hula Hoops

Romina Micheletty of the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione de Paris beams as she spins a hoop above her head. She lives in Paris, France. Photo by Friedrich Klawiter.


A Hula Hoop Extravaganza with HoopStep

HoopStep recently spun up a hula hoop show on the street in Germany. Silke Schirok and Christine Thevissen amazed us with their partner hooping, juggling, multiple hoop trickery and so much more. It’s a...

Monika Kolb is a hooping angel in this ethereal beach photo taken by Niko Duowes

Monika Kolb: Hooping Angel

Monika Kolb of MonikaKolb.de is truly a hooping angel in this ethereal beach photo taken during full moon on the beach in Portugal. She lives in Southern Germany. Photo by Niko Douwes.


Jelena Mitra’s New Hooping Demo

Jelena Mitra of Mitra Hoop’s new hooping demo is jam packed with hoops, acrobatics, fire hoops, LED hooping and more. Currently traveling the world teaching and performing, this is a feast for your eyes...

Croatian hula hoop convention

Croatian Hula Hoop Convention

Everyone tosses their hoop into the air at the Croatian Hula Hoop Convention in Samobor, Croatia. Love it! Photo by Maja Lesar / Maja Lesar Photography.

Katra Solopuro

Hooping in Bali with Katra Solopuro

Katra Solopuro of KatraSolopuro.com first hooping and multi-hoop video really showcases all of the moves that she’s learned during her first year of hooping in a truly beautiful setting – the island of Bali....


Summer Hooping with Jiřina Adamková

Making her hooping.org debut, Jiřina Adamková of Žonglér o.s. spins up something that is simply delightful with this. She showcases her graceful moves in this summertime flow session with a hoop dance that is...


Emma Who

Emma Who, otherwise known as Emma Hörnell, spins up something sparkling with sunlight and an amazing Swedish subarctic terrain as her backdrop. Filmed and edited by Cecilia Kreuzberger, her hula hoop skills are accompanied...

Ton Muntane hooping

Ton Muntané and His Hula Hoop Performance

It’s time for a fun theatrical and carnival flavored piece featuring Ton Muntané. In this video of a recent stage performance, he combines his acting, hooping and balancing skills together to impress both the...


Pregnant Hooping with Kristin Lahoop

Kristin Lahoop may be pregnant, but she isn’t afraid to show us how she can still flow with style and grace. Filmed in a beautiful location surrounded by water, she says, “My baby loves...

Snake Hooper Lou Cat

Mini Hoop Belly Dance with Snake Hooper

Snake Hooper, otherwise known as Lou Cat of Lou-Cat.com, combines belly dance here with her love for mini hoops. Making her debut on Hooping.org with a mesmerizing video, she captivated us all with her...

Freaky Hula Hooping Snake

It’s a Freaky Hula Hooping Snake

Over the years we’ve seen the hoop turn up in some truly unexpected places and witnessed the truly unexpected delight in hooping it up. We’ve even seen a bear hoop, dolphins, elephants, but we’re...