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Tarapin Burke

Tarapin Burke of Hoop Roots spins a hula hoop around her foot next to a waterfall at Bamboo Forest in Haiku, Hawaii, USA. She lives in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography. A Hooping.org Photo of the Day.

Cirque du Eugene

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Mona “ShpongledHoops” performs at Cirque du Eugene in Eugene, Oregon, USA. She’s wearing her own design include the outfit handmade by Ziggy and a mask made by her. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Harvest…

Hoop Dreams in Eugene, Oregon

In Eugene, Oregon, the Register Guard reports: Susan Stack [of Hoop Dance Eugene] who wasn’t even a gleam in her parents’ eyes the last time hula hoops really were a craze, nonetheless has been caught up in the concept and…