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Sari Mah Hooping at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Sari Mah Hooping Sarah Lynn Mah, otherwise known as Sari Mah, takes us with her on vacation to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon. It’s easily one of the coolest locations we’ve ever seen anybody hoop to date and it’s gorgeous to watch spin it up with her bright pink hoop with the fish swimming behind her. Video by Keith and Skye Ten Eyck of Radiance Photographics. Sarah is currently living in Eugene, Oregon, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “”Knights of Cydonia” by Muse and you can score a copy of it for your own collection over on iTunes.

The Continuous Fold with Autumn Mosley

continuousfold Are you ready to learn something new? Great, because you’re about to. Using her beautiful blue glowing LED hoop and dressed in some comfy matching blue pajamas, Autumn Mosley is here to show us all how to do a super fun and showy trick she is calling a “Continuous Fold”. This tutorial is short and to the point and she lets us know that it is a “pretty simple trick” too so go for it. The one and only prerequisite for this one is knowing how to do a basic fold. Autumn lives in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Dancing in Circles with The Crazy Diamonds

Crazy Diamonds In this little documentary short film, producer Kane Limbaugh takes an up close and personal look at The Crazy Diamonds Hoop Troupe and finds out what hooping means to them. He speaks with Susan B. Stack about her hoop views and we get to see her, Sasha Castellino and Michelle Randles as they spin up some beautiful moves together along the way. They all live in Eugene, Oregon, USA, and the video was produced by Limbaugh with a soundtrack in the background called “I Am You (With George)” by Johnny Ripper, and you can name your price for a copy of it of your own if you so wish on Bandcamp.

One Hand Hoop Isolation Tutorial with Erika Radcliffe

Erika Radcliffe Erika Radcliffe, a FireDrums contributor, is here with her very first tutorial in which she teaches us the basic One Hand Hoop Isolation. This optical illusion is a lot harder than it looks, and remains one of the more tricky tricks that hoopers usually paradoxically learn in the beginning stages of their hoop journeys. To make an isolation look true to form, incredible arm strength and steadiness is required. Erika does a fabulous job of relaying the techniques and motions that make this move possible in an understandable manner. She lives in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Baby Elephants, Big Eyes and Beautiful Music

Hula Hooping Baby Elephants • It’s time for the baby elephants to hula hoop in Thailand: Hula Hooping Baby Elephants

• And then Little Red Riding Hood said, “My, what big eyes you have!” Hoop This

• It’s a Bloom Hoops photo slideshow at KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento, California: See Hooping in Action

• At Georgia Tech they’re having a hula hoop competition – only they’re using it to make music. Listen in at WABE Radio: WABE

• And last, but not least, they’re cooking and hooping up community in the Whiteaker neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon: Cooking Up Community

Hoop Dreams in Eugene, Oregon

Hoop Dance EugeneIn Eugene, Oregon, the Register Guard reports: Susan Stack [of Hoop Dance Eugene] who wasn’t even a gleam in her parents’ eyes the last time hula hoops really were a craze, nonetheless has been caught up in the concept and actually teaches classes in the use of the hoop. A local Pilates instructor with certification through the American College of Sports Medicine, Stack added “hooping” to both her exercise and teaching repertoire nearly two years ago. “I thought it looked fun, like a new and exciting way to exercise,” she said. “I saw it first in Fitness Magazine, ordered a hoop and fell in love. There are so many benefits — it’s great for stress release, and it’s the type of exercise that you forget you’re doing it for that reason because you’re having such a good time.” A hoop workout not only is great for the cardiovascular system, Stack said, it also “works all the muscle groups in all planes; it’s a full-body workout in three dimensions.” Add to that its benefits for joint mobility, flexibility, eye-hand coordination, core strength and balance — “I could go on and on,” she said — and she wonders who wouldn’t want to take it up. Full story: Register Guard

Eugene Hoopers Take It To The Streets

The Oregon Daily Emerald reports, “Three Eugene hipsters trail down the alley-side apartment steps, scantily clad in a green romper, blue tank top and ruffled sundress. They have forgotten their shoes on purpose. The liberated young women spread themselves out on the sun-stricken cement, ready to spin to their iPod’s ‘Hooping Playlist.’ The hoopsters start to shift their weight back and forth as they whirl large hula-hoops around their waists. Within seconds, the hoops effortlessly whip around their arms, legs and necks as they proceed to groove, twist and swivel their bodies in a meditative boogie fest. University students Erin Howe, Sachi Kaneko, and Maddie Allen meet weekly in the alley of the Alder Street Apartments to practice their hooping skills. Over the past few years, ‘hooping’ has gone from childhood pastime to fitness trend. For some, it is now a way of life. ‘It can be addictive,’ Kaneko said.” Full story: Oregon Daily Emerald