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Hooping is Contagious

Krista Dodsworth FEAT

Krista Dodsworth of Ethereal Hoops is passionate about hooping and passionate about sharing it with others, including her family and the neighborhood. In this documentary short film Krista not only talks about the joy and flow and meditative nature of hooping, but she shows the complex illusions that can come from quiet simple tricks. Warning: hooping is contagious!…

Hooping: The Subculture of Hoopers

Hooping Subculture FEAT

http://youtu.be/bHw_R5cZu7A Here's a really cool sneak peek into the hooping subculture in Richmond, Virginia, USA. This mini documentary-style short from Brittany Bell features hoopers Stacey Firefly, Emily Miller, Russell Harris, and Scarlet Starlet discussing what hooping is, why they love it, how they got started, and what keeps them spinning things up.  Get up close and…

Electric Hoop with Arik Pipestem

In "Electric Hoop", a documentary short by Ashley Bomberry and Mohsen Nazeri, the unexpectedly unique Erik “Arik” Pipestem describes his process of exploration on story telling through hoop dance. Fusing several traditional Native American pow wow hoop dance styles with acro and hip hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and Latin, Arik is a First Nations performer who is one…

HOOP: a Mini Documentary

In this documentary short Trenda Maiwald shares a shorthand history of the hoop, how to make a hoop and documents the community that creatively spins around her in the greater Washington DC area. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. The short features an array of hoopers including Noelle Powers, Amon Killmon and April Rameé.

The Hooping Life Spins Up February

The Hooping Life, the documentary film about the roots of the modern hoop dance movement, is spinning things up all month long in cities across North America. We told you awhile back about how to bring the film to where you live and throughout the month of February hoopers are doing just that. Is the…

Circle of Life: Tony Duncan

Tony Duncan, 2011 World Hoop Dance Champion, is the subject of a new documentary film entitled "Circle of Life" and this is the trailer for it. In the film Tony shares about his love for hoop dancing and Native Flute playing. He is of Apache and Arikara/Hidatsa nations and plays flute for the group Estun-Bah.

WakeUp2Life Duo To Document Hoop Dream

WakeUp2Life is a new film project about two girls with one dream: traveling the world for one year using a camera and a hula hoop as their tools to barter for survival. The aim of their mission is simple: to inspire people to dream and by doing so, bring a little more peace to our…