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Corkscrew Hoop Dance Combination with Che Rippinger

Che Rippinger Hooping

http://youtu.be/puyNA3_19d0 We love seeing a little belly dance technique blended into hoop dancing, don't you? Well, guess what? Che Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla is here with a brand new tutorial that will teach us all how to do a little of just that. In fact, her Corkscrew Hoop Dance Combination move that she is…

Style Hooping with Amber Styles


http://youtu.be/tFL-G_a5VEA Amber Styles of the Traveling Performers brings us "Style Hooping", having recently traveled to Breckenridge and returned with some awesome footage. She gets her enthusiastic flow on with acrobatics, doubles, foot hooping, scenery changes and a beautiful autumn backdrop. Amber lives in Denver, Colorado, USA, and the soundtrack is "Hielo" by C.O.A. Click and…