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5 Ways to Burn Calories with a Hula Hoop

Deanne Love hooping Deanne Love of HoopLovers is here to take your workout to the next level with this tutorial on 5 different ways to burn calories with a hula hoop. Hoopers of every skill level can take a little something from this too though, since it’s more about fitness than learning new tricks. Deanne uses basic on-body hoop dance moves that combine arm and leg movements to help melt the calories away and help you feel the burn. Deanne lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Hula Hoop Core Workout with Deanne Love

DeanneLove Are you ready to burn some calories and break a sweat looking fabulous while you do it? Deanne Love of Hooplovers is here with a Hoop Boot Camp Workout that’s great for any hooping skill level, so give it a spin. Our 2014 Hoopie Award winning Instructor of the Year focuses on Core Muscle Training here and says this was created, “So we can have a super hooper workout in between our dance and trick play.” Deanne lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Double Extension Twister with Deanne Love

Deanne Love We love it when something looks really flashy, but is pretty great for really any hooping level. Take this new twin hooping tutorial from Deanne Love of Hooplovers, for example. She’s here to teach us how to spin up a “Double Extension Twister” and our 2014 Hoopie Award winning Instructor of the Year brings her usual flair to help you make this spin even brighter this holiday season. Deanne lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

A Hoop Flow Session with Deanne Love

deannelovebaliflowsession Deanne Love of Hooplovers, our Hoopie Award winning Instructor of the Year, brings us a hoop flow session with her latest tutorial. By incorporating the different single hoop moves that Deanne shares here, she says, “When you put them together it is like Super Hooper stardom.” She is right! This tutorial was filmed at the Gedong Gandhi Ashram in Candi Dasa, Bali, Indonesia. Deanne currently lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

A Mini Flow Session with Twins with Deanne Love

Mini Flow Session with Deanne Love Deanne Love of Hooplovers is at it again with a Mini Flow Session with Twins Tutorial. This tutorial is fabulous for exercising different motor skills for improving your overall flow and learning beautiful twin hoop tech! Deanne points out, “Playing with two hoops at once is amazing for your brain, your coordination, your strength and it is a super duper challenge!” So exercise your brain and give it a go yourself! Deanne currently lives and teaches in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Top Ten Viral Hooping Videos of 2014 so far…

Hooping Videos by Philo Hagen

Viral videos become popular primarily through the process of being shared by others online. We see it, we like it, we share it, and it spreads. While there may indeed be greater sources of exposure out there that later climb on board to shine the spotlight on it a little brighter or fan the flame, ultimately there’s still an element of simple organic sharing beneath it all that gets it noticed by someone with a bigger internet blast radius to begin with.

So how do we make a video go viral? If the answer was simple, a lot of people would be doing it. Over my years in the hooping community since the arrival of online videos, I’ve found what does and what does not capture greater attention quite fascinating, especially when something unexpected rises. So let’s take a look at the Top Ten Viral Videos of 2014 so far, those that have spun themselves to the proverbial top of the chart. There are some great videos to watch and revisit here, along with background stories from a few of the hoopers whose videos have recently hit it big.

10. DEANNE LOVE: 4 VORTEX VARIATIONS – 30,048 YouTube Views

Deanne Love lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Caterina Suttin lives in Austin, Texas, USA.


MiniMe, a segment on It’s Showtime, a TV show in the Philippines searching for talented kids to act like their idols, is responsible for this one. We’re not sure who this talented kid is or who her idol is, but she’s pretty awesome.


Paul “Dizzy Hips” Blair lives in Lewiston, Idaho, USA.


Just because you might get help from a more popular channel doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to love it. When JukinVideo got permission to share her video, they didn’t get permission to change the soundtrack. “They changed the original music which I didnt agree to or like. I picked the original music based on my favorite band throughout school.” While the viral version is posted above, why not watch the original on Kelsey’s channel.

Kelsey Bolt lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

5. CAITLIN HOFER: MINI HOOP TECH – 100,907 YouTube Views

Philo: Caitlin, your new video is going viral right now. I know you’ve spun a lot of love into some of your video projects, so when you were filming this one did you ever imagine it would be the one to put you on the map?

Caitlin: Not at all! I have made some edited videos in the past that I had daydreamed about going viral, but I really planned on this one being mainly to share with the hooping community. I liked the idea of a tech vlog so I could watch my isolations shape and grow over time. I would have never guessed this would get so much attention!

Philo: Was there any other motivation for making Mini Hoop Tech?

Caitlin: I think it was originally Caterina’s awesome video “Mostly twin tech”. It was really inspiring, the length and rawness of that video was something I really admired.

Philo: I know first hand that it gets pretty crazy when things start snowballing. How did it feel finding out you were hitting places like Yahoo News and People Magazine and even The Daily Mail in the UK?

Caitlin: To be honest it felt really unreal and still does to be recognized like this. Its the best feeling in the world to finally be confident that I will be where I love and where I belong for the rest of my life, inside the circle. Although in a way I feel kind of flustered that a personal raw moment of my practice snowballed around the internet and I get butterflies when I think about what the rest of my hoop journey has in store for me.

Caitlin Hofer lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA.


Audrey Scherer lives in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

3. CHERI KEEWI: Conservatively estimated at 500,000 views

Philo: So tell me about your Sexual Eruption video. Did you think it would ever be a video that would go viral?

Cheri: I definitely didn’t expect it to go viral at all. The video was made back in January just for fun, if you can’t tell from the song choice (laughs).

Philo: I know you posted it on your Facebook page first and when you posted it on YouTube you said, “I joined the dark side. Video is now on YouTube. Can a girl get some views?” Well, you definitely got views, but maybe not entirely the way you would’ve imagined. What can you tell me about how the video went viral?

Cheri: Yes, I posted it on Facebook first, just for my friends to see and that was that. But then in April, I was updating my fan page (which had only 70 likes at the time) and decided to put the video up there. Well, a few people shared it, and then their friends shared it, and I guess that’s what got the ball rolling.

Philo: Your video has also been scraped by a lot by video pirates and in some cases I’ve even seen the video with an entirely different soundtrack? When did you become aware of that happening?

Cheri: Honestly I had no idea that it’s been put to different soundtracks. I don’t think I’ll ever be fully aware of the reach of the video since it’s so hard to track on Facebook.

Philo When World Star Hip Hop and Dr. Farrah Gray picked it up is when it really went crazy. How did that make you feel?

Cheri: I didn’t find out about Dr. Farrah Gray sharing it until much later, and by that time it had gotten around quite a bit, so I wasn’t too surprised. But as for World Star….I woke up one morning with a text from a friend saying I was on World Star! I was so excited. This was only about a week or two after I posted it so that’s when it hit me that the video was getting big. Oh, and the comments were pretty funny (laughs).

Cheri Keewi lives in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA.

2. RACHAEL LUST: GROOVE – 902,823 YouTube views

Philo: Rachael! It’s a new year and your success keeps rolling right along with one of the biggest videos of the year so far and it hasn’t even been up for a month yet. Tell us about making Groove and what was going on for you putting this together.

Rachael: Well, I knew I wanted to go on tour this year and the best way I could think to gather attention for it was to make a really good video. I put months of work into Groove, spent forever looking for the perfect outfit, reached out to the music artist asking permission to use his song and he was cool with that. I spent forever trying to master specific tricks hoping to find some that were new, forked over a gazillion dollars at a local camera rental store on an HD camera, and traveled about an hour away to find some good shooting locations.

Philo Now I know there were problems, so there had to be awhile there you certainly didn’t see the success of this ever coming. Tell us about posting it, the early problems and how that all felt.

Rachael: After about a week of filming I had a ton of footage to go through and sat at the computer for about 48 hours straight trying to piece it together perfectly to the music. I said to my husband, “My goal is 10k views, if I can do that I can probably sell some tour tickets.” But when I uploaded it to YouTube I got a copyright notice for the audio. I disputed it and they rejected it. I disputed it again, and they rejected it again. I disputed it a 3rd time and explained that I had permission from the artist and sent copies of the conversation to them and they not only disputed it, they removed it and gave me a strike.

Philo: I would have cried.

Rachael: I was pissed because I had spent so much time and effort on it, so I just uploaded it to Facebook and it went nuts. Of course, someone stole it immediately though and uploaded it to their page without even giving me credit. They were so impressed with the traffic it got they asked if I would consider doing a music video for them. I didn’t even answer. Not after you stole my video and I had to contact you three times to at least put my name in there somewhere.

Philo: It’s a pain, but I say file all the formal complaints to get scrapers like that taken down. So it did great on Facebook for someone else, super frustrating.

Rachael: And it isn’t searchable on there so I decided I needed to try and get it put back up on YouTube so people could find it and it worked! I started booking way more stops for the tour and tickets started selling which was my main goal all along. I also had several businesses reach out to me for work because of it. I got to work with Junk Brands who were awesome and we’re planning on teaming up again. I also have a lot of work coming up that is still considered confidential, but I will say…its bigger than anything I could have ever dreamed of, and its going to be more exposure than I’ve ever had. I’m dying over here wanting to tell the hooping community, but I’m hoping within a week or two I can let the cat out of the bag.

Philo: I can’t wait to find out what it is all about, cause that’s saying a lot – you’ve had some major exposure, and you’ve been in the news again because of Groove too. How does it feel to be in the hooping limelight again this year and be a representative for this thing we all love so much?

Rachael: I had no idea about the Headline news thing. CNN had contacted me and asked me to come to their office, and I’m hoping to in September. Next thing I know, people are calling me telling me I was on HLN. I didn’t even see it. I didn’t see the local Columbus news either. Being in the “limelight” is cool, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. It is awesome for the most part, but I also feel some pressure. I put so much into Groove that I wonder how I am ever going to top it. I kind of went through a mental block for a while and lost focus. I also spent so much time answering messages, networking, booking jobs, and such that I didn’t even have time to hoop. Eventually I just had to turn off the social media and leave some people hanging for a while so I could get back into my groove.

Philo: Amen!

Rachael: Also, while I did get an outpouring of love from people because of the video, I also got a lot of negative messages too. I was told that some posts about me had to be removed from a Facebook hooping group because they were so hateful. Glad I never saw those. But overall, most of the feedback has been positive. Especially from hoopers. I absolutely love the hooping community and have never met a group of people that were so supportive and looking forward to the tour. And honestly, the most viral hooping video is still yet to come.

Rachael Lust lives in Marion, Ohio, USA.



Philo Hagen Philo Hagen is the Co-founder and Managing Editor of Hooping.org. He’s been spinning things up online and off since April 2003. Co-Founder of the Bay Area Hoopers and LA Hoopers hoop groups, Philo has performed internationally and has won Hoopie Awards for Male Hooper of the Year and Video of the Year. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Back Swing Jump Through with Deanne Love

Deanne Love Deanne Love of Hooplovers is here with a new tutorial to help you spin up some fun. YAY! This time she’s going to be teaching us something she likes to call the “Back Swing Jump Through”. What is that? Well, you swing the hoop behind your back, look up at it when you get it high and then you lower it down, turning your body as you’re lowering it, and then you jump through. Voila! Sound complicated? It’s actually not and will all make sense when you see it for yourself, so give it a spin for yourself. Deanne lives and teaches in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Let’s Learn Paddles & Breaks with Deanne Love

deannelove Are you ready to learn about paddles and breaks? Well, Deanne Love of Hooplovers is here to tell you all about them with a new hooping tutorial teaching us how to do “Paddles & Breaks”. She does an amazing job breaking it down for us too, as always. Give it a watch and you’ll probably see why she won the 2014 Hoopie Award for Instructor of the Year. Give ’em a spin for yourself! Deanne lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Kristen is Our Spring 2014 Ambassador of the Season

I met Tink aka Kristen the World Hoop Dance choreographer a few years back at my first hoop camp and her hair was hot – electric pink.  I took a great photo of she and BJ, co-owner of Astral Hoops because his hair was awesome in flaming orange!  What a glorious year that was.  Tink and I have kept in touch, because she is the mastermind behind the WHD Dance and toured the globe last year in pursuit of uniting all hoopers together to get that dance synchronized by the world.  Since this year’s dance has already been crafted with thanks from Hooping Life movie to score the song from Basement Jaxx, I wanted to give her props by making her Ambassador of the SEASON!  She and her Tokyo amigos have donated hundreds of hoops around Japan, Asia and on the Ocean through the use of the Peace Boat.  How else could we give hoops to Antarctica scientists?
Here’s what I asked in italics  and her responses inspire me.
How did you get into hooping?
I started hooping on August 20, 2008, when a friend dragged me unwillingly to a hoop dance class with Deanne Love in Tokyo. I saw myself as a clumsy brainiac loser and I was sure I would hate it. Talk about wrong self-perception. I fell in love that day.
Who is your hoop role model and why?
I don’t have one. I have hundreds. I am inspired by all of the hoopers who share their creativity, time and expertise. Our community has a lot of generous souls.
Why did you want to become a WHD Ambassador?
I feel compelled to give hoops to people who need something to relieve stress or brighten their day. In addition to raising money, building, and delivering hundreds of hoops via Niko Niko Taishi (Japan), Peace Boat (worldwide), and Spark Circus (Thailand/Burma), I make it a point to gift hoops to new hoopers no matter where I am.
Do you feel your recipients’ lives have improved and how?  
We all know that hoops have a lot of benefits and I’ve seen one I never expected: trickle-down happiness. It’s usually children in a community who receive the hoops directly. Surprisingly, adults benefit as well by seeing their kids happy and healthy, by getting a break from everyday stresses, and even from playing with the hoops when the kids will share.
What initially inspired you to create the official WHD Dance and how is this year’s going to be different?
As my first chance to celebrate World Hoop Day rolled around in 2009, I saw that there was no global activity that hoopers were doing together. It made sense that we could all share a dance no matter where in the world we were. So I put together a video tutorial for a very simple choreography – just some tricks sequenced together – and put it out for people to try.
This year is the 5th WHD Dance and it’s turning out to be a terrific celebration. The song we’re dancing to this year is the theme song from The Hooping Life movie. Basement Jaxx are so much fun to hoop to! I’ve been collaborating with Malcolm Stuart and Beka Hoop who created choreography for the song’s music video. We’re going to have two versions of the dance this year – the standard all-levels dance and a more complex one. All the details you’ll want to know will be on Spin Matsuri from April 22nd.