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Terminal Paradox with the Erie Dance Conservatory

Erie Dance Conservatory Company performing We adore this moving piece by the Erie Dance Conservatory Company featuring dance hoopers Marianna Allen, Jessica Boscaljon, Emily Emanuel, Hannah Gibson, Zoey Keeley, Nina Ricci, Giana Ruffa, Alexia Snedeker, Kyleigh Suesser, Grace Twitchell, Madison Wieczorek, and Harlie Yahn. Choreography was done by Allegra Glinsky and Jennifer Dennehy, who also came up with the concept of using the hoops to represent the growth of cancer cells. Jennifer lives in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, and the soundtrack for their performance is “We Insist” by Zoe Keating. Grab your own copy of it for your collection on iTunes.

The Fold Escalator and the Hand Flip Fold with Kassandra Morrison

escalatorandverticalfold Kassandra Morrison of the Friendly Fire Tribe, one of Hooping.org’s Video Editors, brings us not one, but two tutorials about some mesmerizing tricks to add to your hooping repertoire: The Fold Escalator and the Vertical Hand Fold. She begins with a demo while breaking down a few prerequisites, then slows it way down so you can see all of the important details. Kassandra lives in Akron, Ohio, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Plus Loin” by Govinda and you can get your copy of it on iTunes.

Maggie Walker: The Road to Joy

Maggie Walker

Maggie Walker of Groove Catalyst and Radiant Threads recently found herself on the road to joy that comes from hoop dance. She says, “One of my most influential teachers in the hoop once said at a workshop, ‘Dance first. Hoop…

The All Powerful Community Hoop Mingle


by Bonnie MacDougall Throughout time, communal dance has played an integral part in the growth of culture and society. According to Joan Cass, author of Dancing Through History, “Dance is a feature of every significant occasion and event crucial to…

Chloe Hannah Lloyd and Oliver Gratton

Sometimes we’re quite happy being single – and then we find a video like this, so full of sweetness and tenderness and the push and pull of matters of the heart that there is the using up of way more…