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Katie Sunshine’s Hoop Dance with Jerrod Niemann

Katie Sunshine If you love country music you probably already know Jerrod Niemann. Writing music since he was eight-years-old and recording since 2001, the American country music artist first hit the charts back in 2006 with “I Love Women (My Momma Can’t Stand)”. His first number-one came a few years later with “Lover, Lover”, and other singles like “What Do You Want” and “Shinin’ on Me” have done really well for him too. His new album “High Noon” is due to hit stores on March 25, 2014, but the first single “Drink to That All Night” dropped this week with a new music video starring none other than Katie Sunshine. We tracked her down to get the full story all about it.

Philo: How did you end up hooping in a Jerrod Niemann music video?

Katie: I ended up in a Jerrod Niemann video because I am basically the luckiest girl in the world! Eric Welsh, the director, came across one of my Youtube videos and contacted me, which I almost thought was a joke. It seemed too good to be true. He told me he wanted to create a country music video with a little less boots and hay and a little more glam and edginess and a hula hoop performer was the perfect, unorthodox addition. So, after a couple short weeks of discussions back and forth, I was on my way to Nashville to film!

Philo: You’re truly a vision in white! Did he tell you what the premise of the video was all about – and can you tell readers about it?

Katie Sunshine Katie: Eric told me the idea was to create a music video that was more like something you would see for a hip-hop song, or a rock song, yet still represented country music. He said it would take place in a bar decorated purely with white, hence the milk in the shot glasses, the white pool table, etc. Throughout the bar scene, flashes of other white things would appear: the d.j. in all white, the break dancer, me, and so on. Then, half way through the video everything would switch to all black and the party would continue in the contrast of an all black atmosphere. That was really fun for me because then I switched to the black fur boots, the black dress, and even the black wig for a complete presto-change-o!

Philo: So what was it like being a part of it and/or how was it working with him? Did you meet Jerrod?

Katie: It was truly an experience I will never forget. Working with Eric was wonderful, he gave great direction and was really enthusiastic. For example, I was only one of many extras in the video, but Eric still called me personally to make sure I had made it to Nashville alright, that my hotel room was acceptable, and that I had everything I needed. I felt so welcome and pampered! Ben Stansbury, the producer of the video, did a lot of work to make sure I was comfortable and well taken care of too. I couldn’t have worked with a kinder crew of people!

Philo: So how was it meeting Jerrod?

Jerrod Neimann Katie Jerrod was incredible. He was such a nice and down-to-earth guy and he had a really good sense of humor. In between takes he would crack jokes, act silly, generally make everyone laugh and relax. I could see a lot of stars like him approach a long day of shooting a music video like a grueling day at work, something that had to be done. But Jerrod seemed to genuinely enjoy being there. He talked to all the extras in between takes and even hung out with everyone when it wasn’t his scene, as opposed to disappearing into his room for privacy. And my step-son is a HUGE country music fan, and a big fan of Jerrod, and I told Jerrod all about him. Before I left, Jerrod gave me a signed photo, a signed CD, and a signed guitar to give to my step-son. How incredible is that?! Wow, I was absolutely stunned!

Philo: That’s amazing! That’s got to feel good and the slow motion is really beautiful to watch.

Katie: Thank you so much. When Eric told me the scenes would all be in slow-motion in the final version of the video, I knew I had to hula hoop like crazy! Anything slow, chill or too flowy in real time would be boring once that footage was slowed down, so I hoop danced my ass off! It’s funny to me watching the video now because it looks so relaxed and it does seem to portray a sense of flow.

Philo: It definitely does, I’ll drink to that! Congratulations on your big music video appearance and it’s very cool to see you bringing the hoop into country music in such a big way.