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Heart Hooping

Heart Hooping with Brittany McDank

Brittany McDank is hooping with heart in this self portrait, spinning a super cute heart shaped homemade hoop. She lives in Thompsonville, Connecticut, USA.

Crystal Adamski

Crystal Adamski

Crystal Adamski hoops in front of a little set up she made in her front yard for a stunning self portrait. She lives in Watertown,...

Brittany McDank

Brittany McDank

We love happy hooping videos and when Brittany McDank, aka the Artiste de Fuego, spent her St. Patrick’s Day with a green hoop, spinning things...

Arvolyn Hill

Gold Feather

Arvolyn “Gold Feather” Hill, who blogs over here, is mourning the first snow of the season and the end of hooping outside by posting a...

Kay Luz

Kay Luz: Sidewalk Closed

There’s nothing more inviting to a hooper than a large, empty space, and if there’s a sign saying ‘closed’ on it, well, all the better...

hayden silverman spins it up

Gathering of the Vibes

Hayden Silverman, 10, spins a hula hoop during a hula hoop contest during the Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. Photo courtesy of...