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Frozen Pond Hooping with Brittany McDank

snow hooping Brittany McDank outdoes herself with this stunning winter hooping video, filmed atop a frozen pond – until it started cracking. Surrounded by ice and snow and hoops, with time lapse photography, she spins up a winter wonderland of hooping in beautiful black and white. Brittany lives in Avon, Connecticut, USA, and her soundtrack for this is “Fitzpleasure” by alt-J and you can get your copy of it quite easily on iTunes.

Make a Heart Shaped Hoop with Brittany McDank

brittanymcdankhearthooptutorial Brittany McDank’s latest tutorial is not only awesome, it’s very timely. She’s here to teach us how to build our own heart hoops, just in time for Valentine’s Day! “Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I figured we could do a tutorial on how to make some heart hoops,” she says, and she teaches us how to make this festive hoop using 1/2 PEX tubing. The whole thing costs less than $20 to make for all of the supplies necessary to build one heart hoop. We’re loving the simplicity and creativity behind these concept hula hoops too. Brittany currently resides in Avon, Connecticut, USA.

Winter Storm Juno Hooping with Brittany McDank

Brittany McDank hooping Brittany McDank breaks out her snow boots and matching snow-colored twin hula hoops after the big 2015 winterstorm “Juno” hit. Filmed by Cree Cinematography, with her face full of smiles, it looks like she is having a great time out there with her furry friend no matter what the weather. Brittany lives in Avon, Connecticut, USA, and her soundtrack for this is “Cracks” by Flux Pavilion (featuring Belle Humble) and you can easily download your own copy of it on iTune.

Brittany McDank and Deejay: We Flow As One

Brittany McDank & Deejay hooping The dynamic duo consisting of Brittany McDank and Deejay, who is also know as Dan Albrecht, are back with a new video that tell us “We flow as one.” We love the way these two vibe off of each other’s energy and their environment, and boy did they choose some lovely scenery along the way. Brittany lives in Thompsonville, Connecticut, and Deejay lives in Enfield, Connecticut, USA. The soundtrack that they’re hooping to is called “Budding Trees” by Nahko & Medicine for the People, and if you want your own copy of it you can easily download it over on iTunes.

Hooping Meets Levitation Wand with Meg Geyser

hooping and flow wand Meg “Gem” Geyser of Gem Hoops brings us something of a Hooping.org first, combining her hoop dance flow with her flow wand / levitation wand practice. She says, “I am so excited about the possibilities here,” and we are too. Meg currently lives in Durham, Connecticut, USA, and the soundtracks that she’s used here are “The Old Man” and “Hancock” by Chinese Man (on iTunes), as well as “Tall Ground” by Deluxe”, which is also available on iTunes.

Thriller Zombie Hooping Night in Watertown

thrillerzombies If you missed our Top 10 Spooky Hooping Videos of All Time feature this Halloween, then you probably know that someone spins up another awesome hooping Thriller video every year, and this one was no exception. It was a dark, stormy night in Watertown, Connecticut, and the zombies came out in full force. And they had hoops! And they sure knew how to use them. It’s actually part of a hooping class taught by Hooping With Kristen at Get Healthy and Get Happy and she says, “I am so proud and happy to have such a beautiful Hoop family!” Video by Doug DangerMon and Kevin. They live in Watertown, Connecticut, USA, and the soundtrack for this is, of course, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and it’s available on iTunes.

Autumn Equinox Hoop Dance with Gem Geyser

Gem Geysers Hooping Gem Geyser of Gem Hoops spins up a lovely video in honor of the autumn equinox, which occurred on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. She says, “The Autumn Equinox was a gorgeous day here in Durham so I finally busted out the camera and got some shots to celebrate the first day of Fall.” Gem lives in Durham, Connecticut, USA, and the song that she’s hooping to is called “Rise and Release” by The Polish Ambassador. You can grab a copy of it for your very own quite easily too on iTunes.

Gangsta Hooping with Lee Tripler

GanstaTrips Ya boi! Lee Tripler, aka Trips of Neutron Star Hoops, shows us her mad hoop skillz in this fun gansta video featuring swagger, smiles and a fantastic mural as a backdrop. This video was filmed and edited by Lee outside of the Air Temple Arts Studio, an aerial dance and circus studio in New Haven, Connecticut, where she is a hoop instructor. She lives in Shelton, Connecticut, USA, and the soundtrack is “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. If you want it for your own collection, you can get your own copy on iTunes.