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Brittany McDank in New York

Brittany McDank Marks Brittany McDank spreads her hoop love all over New York City in her latest hooping video which takes us from the beach and boardwalk of Coney Island and all over the Big Apple. She says, “No hoops were harmed in the making of this film. But they got a little wet.”  With all the springtime rain showers going on right now we know how she feels!  She lives in Thompsonville, Connecticut, USA, and her soundtrack here is the remix of “Empire State of Mind” by Pretty Lights. You can easily download your own copy on Soundcloud.

Gold Feather

Arvolyn Hill Arvolyn “Gold Feather” Hill, who blogs over here, is mourning the first snow of the season and the end of hooping outside by posting a hoop session from warmer days earlier this year. We love her awesome energy and you can really feel her love of hoop dance shining through in her happy smiles! Arvolyn currently lives in from Kent, Connecticut, USA, and the soundtrack that she’s joyfully spinning to is “Latch” by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith and you can grab a copy of your very own on iTunes.

Meg Povilonis Geyer

meggeyserMeg Povilonis Geyer calls her new video Summer Love HoopDance and we can see why! Her infectious smile and the beautiful summer scenery invite the viewer to pick up their hoop and join her in her merriment. In describing her video she says it’s, “Just a little fun-lovin’ summer hoopdance in some of my favorite outdoor spots around my house in CT. I made this video as part of an application to a hoop/yoga teacher training program. Namaste.” Meg’s hometown is Durham, Connecticut, USA.  She is spinning things up to “In The Air” by Morgan Page, Sultan, Ned Sheppard and BT (featuring Angela McCluskey) and you can get your copy on iTunes.

Jesse Styles is Inspired

Jesse Styles What is Jesse Styles love and passion about these days? Hooping, of course. She says, “I am continuously inspired to express myself through this beautiful form of art, and I only hope to inspire you as much as you inspire me.” In this video by Chris Kelley we are taken on a hooping tour all over the place and everywhere we go Jesse is hooping. When she started she never would’ve dreamed she’d have the courage to perform in front of other people, and look at her now! She lives in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, and the soundtrack for this is “Kiara” by Bonobo and you can get a copy of it for your own very easily on iTunes.