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Hayley Hoop

Hooping with Hayley

Hayley Hoop, aka Hayley Clarke, spins up some fun in brilliant technicolor, and that super cute outfit is from 52mc80 Limited in case you were...

Jenn Worroll Hula Hooping

Ninja Foot Hooping

Jenn Worroll spins up some ninja foot hooping in this great shot. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Dan Esposito.

Tiana Zoumer Hooping

Tiana Zoumer at The Spin Summit

Tiana Zoumer spins up some zen at The Spin Summit in the beautiful black forest of Colorado. She lives in Oakland, California, USA. Photo by...

Melina Bear Hooping

Hooping with Melina Bear

Keep an eye on Melina Bear, aka Melina Lee Tyler. She takes a spin down memory lane, reminiscing as she hoops it up at her...