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Melina Bear Hooping

Hooping with Melina Bear

Keep an eye on Melina Bear, aka Melina Lee Tyler. She takes a spin down memory lane, reminiscing as she hoops it up at her...

Amber Lane

Amber Lane at the Spin Summit

Amber Lane of Lucid Hooping is hooping in the Black Forest of Colorado at The Spin Summit. Love it! She lives in Denver, Colorado, USA....

Maggie Brown Hooping

San Francisco Pier 45 Hooping

Maggie Brown, of both Maggie Brown Performing Arts and JAMhoops Performing Arts, recently spent a breezy day on Pier 45 in San Francisco, California, USA,...

Brooke Null

Brooke Null

Brooke Null of Hooped spins her twins against a gorgeous sunset! She lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Hoopologie Photography.

Chad Forsberg

Chad Forsberg: Treasure

There’s one thing almost guaranteed to happen when hoopers dedicate themselves to their art, they are going to develop their own unique and identifiable style....

Brooke Null

Brooke Null

Brooke Null of Hooped spins it up in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Photo by Melinda Rider of Hoopologie.

Benton Brown

Beau Brown

Beau Brown fires up his mini hoops at The Spin Summit in Black Forest, Colorado, USA. He lives in Denver, Colorado, USA. An amazing photo...

Road Trip Hooping

Road Trip Hooping

Do you ever just want to grab your hoops and throw ‘em in the backseat of the car and hit the road for a hooping...

Hoop First, Think Later

Hoop First, Think Later

Camille Mara and Amanda Powell are finding their flow after a long winter spent dreaming of hooping without the constraints of ceilings, furniture, and breakable...