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Jade Dussault’s Epic Hula Hooping Video

Jade Dussault Hula Hoop While you may be inclined to believe that a hooping video entitled “World’s Best Hula Hoop Moves” is likely suffering from grandiosity, when the hula hooper is none other than Jade Dussault of Cirque du Soleil fame, well, we have to say it’s really not. Add amazing camera work filmed over three days at stunning locations in Münster and Berlin, and the end result is nothing short of epic. Video work by Gabor Zippenfenig of Inspiri Productions. Jade lives in Quebec, Quebec, Canada.

Cirque du Soleil’s Veera Kaijanen

Veera Veera Kaijanen demonstrates true discipline and passion in her show reel from “Amaluna” for Cirque du Soleil. The mystic wonder and magic of her Cirque performance inspires, all of her hula hoop moves executed with sleek precision and flawless technique. Once you catch a glimpse of the choreography constructed here by Veera herself, we’re pretty sure you’ll be melting in your seat. Originally from Finland, she’s currently living in Washington, DC, USA, and the soundtrack for her performance is a composition by Kimmo Olavi.

Totem’s Eric Hernandez on American Latino TV

Eric Hernandez performs in Totem Eric Hernandez, the amazing hoop dancer that is currently featured in the Cirque du Soleil show Totem, shares his love of hoop dance in this segment for American Latino TV. Eric, who is half Latino and half Native American says, “I’m in love with hoop dancing because it gives me the opportunity to share my culture, my Native American side.” His interest in this unique dance ceremony began at the age of 10 when he watched his uncle perform it. Now, years later, Eric is able to share this traditional dance with thousands every single night. He lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Electric Hoop with Arik Pipestem

Arik Pipestem In “Electric Hoop”, a documentary short by Ashley Bomberry and Mohsen Nazeri, the unexpectedly unique Erik “Arik” Pipestem describes his process of exploration on story telling through hoop dance. Fusing several traditional Native American pow wow hoop dance styles with acro and hip hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and Latin, Arik is a First Nations performer who is one of a kind. He’s also a dancer and choreographer with many years of experience performing with Cirque Du Soleil, So You Think You Can Dance Canada and more. He’s spun it up in several music videos as well including “Red Winter” by Drezus – which is also the soundtrack for this and it’s available on iTunes. Arik lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Hoop Dance on Stilts with Rebecca Fireplug Nelson

Rebecca Fireplug Nelson Rebecca “Fireplug” Nelson has us looking up in awe! She is a daring circus style performer! Watch her as she spins things up – on stilts! Rebecca can boast about having a very impressive resume as a Cirque du Monde Coach and Coordinator for Cirque du Soleil, stilt performing for the Stilt Circus, as well as fire performance for Art of Fire. Rebecca grew up in rural Minnesota and followed her heart to Los Angeles, California, USA. The soundtrack is “Mediterranean Flower” by Sunlounger and it’s available on iTunes.