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SeSe Pratt Hula Hoops

Hula Hooping with SeSe Pratt

SeSe Pratt makes her hooping debut with her very first video and she’s here to show us how much she likes to hula hoop. She may be pint-sized at the age of 12, but...

Kids Hooping

Getting Our Children Hula Hooping

by Bonnie MacDougall With Michelle Obama and the Center for Disease Control on a mission to wipe out childhood obesity in America, it is no surprise that hula hooping has come into the limelight...

Lily Hooping Hulahooper

Lily Hooping

Prepare to have your mind blown by a pint sized hooper that goes by the name of Lily Hooping. The video starts with a sweet dreamscape view of Lily walking through the forest with...

Marium Akhtar

Marium Akhtar

Marium Akhtar, nominated for Youth Hooper of the Year in our 2014 Hoopie Awards, spins up a triple threat. Love it! She lives in Karachi, Pakistan.

Chongjin Kindergarten Hula Hoopers

Chongjin Kindergarten Hula Hoop Masters

Everything you ever wanted to know about hooping you learned in kindergarten, or at least that might be the case if your kindergarten class was held at Chongjin Elementary School. These three young ladies...

Hoop Flash Mob

Hula Hoop Flash Mob at Viva la Gong

Another hula hoop flash mob occurred this past weekend, this time between performances at the 2013 Viva la Gong Festival in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Louise London told us the mob was created...


Michala Ondráčková and Her kids

If you’re a hooper with lil’ ones, hoop mama (and/or papa) guilt can sometimes go with the territory. Michala Ondráčková of Hoopmania, however, shows us that hooping can not only be a family event,...

The Hoopy Family

The Hoopy Family

Katherine Aurora Callahan of Hoopy, is out hoop dancing on the first day of autumn with her loving husband, Michael Callahan, and adorable son Finch. Being Katherine’s latest installment in her Hooping with Public Art Series, you can see...

Mama Needs Her Hoop Time FEAT

Mama Needs Her Hoop Time

by Shannon Loucks Moms are busy people. Whether working outside the house or staying home, mothers always have a huge to-do list, a list which seems to grow longer every time she manages to...

Hoola Monsters

Hoola Monsters

Allow us to be the first to introduce you to “Iso”, played by Matthias Elliott, and that’s Jeremiah Collins in the back, otherwise known in the magical land of Hoolaville as “Bouncy”. They’re just...

Olalla Bluegrass

Olalla Bluegrass and Beyond Hooping

Mia Oxford, age 8, showed off her hoop skills at the Olalla Bluegrass and Beyond Festival in Olalla, Washington. Mia lives in Gig Harbor, Washington, USA. Photo courtesy of the Kitsap Sun.

Rainy Day Hoop Break

Rainy Day Hooping Break

After being cooped up inside all day, anybody would want to get out of the house and if you’re kid that is only multiplied, so when the storm broke momentarily and sunlight beamed through...