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Top Ten List: March 24-30 2013

Top Ten It’s time for our weekly Top Ten List everybody! Every Sunday we are counting down the top ten most buzz worthy posts of the week (as based on reader response) and we are starting things off at number ten and working our way up to the number one spot of the week. What was heating up the hoopersphere this time around? Although we really think the new music video by Snowblink should’ve made the list this week – if you haven’t seen it be sure to check it out – here’s what climbed into Hooping.org’s Top Ten List for March 24th – 30th, 2013.

10: We kick things off this week with a killer hooping video by Cheetananda in California (84 Points).

9: Coming in at number 9 is an awesome hooping video from Mexico – Tony Cazares: El Diente (110 Points).

8: And then we take you to Panama – Takoda Rain: Rainy Day Hooping in Panama (117 Points).

7: Readers got excited that Lacy Smith is Hooping Up Fitness in Pennsylvania (124 Points).

6: They also got excited that Electric Forest Hoop Troupe Casting is Now Open (137 Points).

5: Hoopalicious shared her advice for those looking to start a hoop business – Ask Hoopalicious: Advice For Hoop Entrepreneurs (152 Points).

4: Abby shared 8 Surprising Gifts Hooping Has Given Her (160 Points).

3: Our highest rated video of the week was none other than Marji Marlowe (158 Points).

2: Lara shared her hoop retreat experience with Postcards From Hottie Hoop Camp 2013 (222 Points).

1: And at number one this week, Philo shared new research about how hooping is making su smarter – Get Smart With Hooping (259 Points).

That’s our Top Ten List for this week, and remember that if you see something you appreciate here (or anywhere online), it only takes a second to “Like” it or leave a comment so share the hoop love and make someone’s day. YAY! Each like, share or comment is worth a point in calculating our weekly Top Ten. With that, we invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr if you’re not already doing so and we hope you had a very happy hooping weekend everybody!


Cheetananda Epic! That’s exactly what you’re in for with Ashley “Cheetananda” Keith’s first hooping video as she takes us to the most divine locations for some truly sublime hooping chock full of ninja skills. From the magma to the deep blue, waterfalls to forests, the flame is lit – leading us on mesmerizing adventure that you’ll probably want to watch more than once just to take it all in. Filmed by Robert Dipersio, Ashley not only spun up and edited this marvel, she collaborated on the soundtrack as well, an original composition by Lowghos with Cheetananda on harp! She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA. A Hooping.org Video of the Day.