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The Hooper Versus Gravity

Falling Apple [This week Hooping.org columnist Lara Eastburn takes on gravity and wins.]

by Lara Eastburn

“I just can’t keep it up.” Anyone that’s handed a hoop to enough first-time hoopers has encountered this objection at least once. And sure enough, as they demonstrate for you, they will give that baby a nice good spin, and watch defiantly as it wobbles, with much fanfare, to the ground. So we begin to eliminate the most possible offenders — a bulky jacket or cell phone, a big ol’ Texan belt buckle — while switching out the “problem” hoop with a bigger one, enthusiastically encouraging our new friend to give it another go. Hoop is touching the back of the waist, check. Hoop is on a good, flat plane, check. Now, go! The abundant and hopeful circle orbits twice, maybe three times, then crashes and burns. Aaack! You’ve got maybe 30 seconds to problem-solve, or your new prodigy may give up forever. Panic. Your ‘everybody can hoop!’ mantra is on thin ice. Or is it? What’s going on?!