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World Hoop Day 2014 (Part 1)

by Philo Hagen World Hoop Day brought hoopers together this weekend in cities and towns all around the world. Celebrated for the second time in it’s new timeslot, the first Saturday of October, hoopers all over this big blue marble were hooping it up in support of world peace and raising funds to help gift more hoops to needy kids…

Hoop Dancing with Mbali Ngubane

Mbali Ngubane hooping Can you say hoop crush? Mbali Ngubane of Fires Alight is a joy to watch, spinning up so much inspiration on a beautiful day. She explains, “It is the first sunny day we have had in awhile so I decided to make a little video to amp everyone up.” Amp them for what? A workshop she’ll be teaching soon. She lives in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, and the soundtrack for this video is called “Rises in the East” by Kalya Scintilla. You can grab a copy of it for yourself quite easily on iTunes.

Shouniez Johnson Hooping

A Couple That Hoops Together, Stays Together

A couple that hoops together, stays together. Just ask Shaheen Van Der Schyff and his wife Shouniez Johnson. They quit their corporate jobs eight months ago to travel, experience life, and hoop it up! Here they are a moth after selling everything they owned and taking to the road. Shaheen says, “We found this lovely little private beach in the…

Sandra Dee Mitchell

Fire Hooping with Sandra Dee Mitchell

Sandra Dee Mitchell of HoopFlowLove was last seen on Hooping.org back in the Fall of 2012, but she’s back and things have certainly gotten hotter! Watch her show off some impressive fire hooping skills in this beautifully filmed video. Filmed in Hout Bay, Sandra lives in Cape Town, South Africa and the soundtrack for this is a remix of the song “Rain…