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Vertical Kickstart into Wedgie with Babz Robinson

Babz Robinson Need some extra flavour in your spin today? Never fear! Babz Robinson is back to add some spice with a brand new hooping tutorial on a “Vertical Kickstart into Wedgie combo”. Not only will this combination leave you feeling like a magician once you get it, Babz makes sure we all leave feeling good about our “luscious thighs” and “sexy quads” too. With her signature slow motion move breakdown and all angle shots, you’ll be rocking this up in no time! She lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Babz Robinson’s Rolling Around on The Ground Like a Pig Pass

babzrobinsonpigpasstutorial We are excited to have Babz Robinzon back and she is literally getting down in her brand new tutorial that involves rolling around on the ground “like a pig” and a fancy foot pass. In fact, she’s calling the move the “Rolling Around on the Ground Like a Pig Pass” and we love it and you will too. Floor hooping meets foot hooping for a foot pass she describes as “So pretty!” Babz lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, and her soundtrack used here is “Dolce Vita” by Bebo Best and The Super Lounge Orchestra, which can be purchased for your own collection on iTunes.

The Canuck Combo with Babz Robinson

Babz Robinson It’s been too long since we’ve had a tutorial to share from Babz Robinson, but YAY! The wait is over! She spins up some slow motion instruction for a sweet ass combo she created that she’s calling “The Canuck Combo”. For those that may not know, Canuck is a slang term for Canadian, and this combo has it all – tosses, isolations, jump throughs, arm rolls and knee reversals! She lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, and the soundtrack for this is “Blue Monday” by Plastik Funk & Kurd Maverick and you can snag it for your very own on iTunes.

The Polish Flip

Babz Robinson Babz Robinson not only serves up a slow motion tutorial on a fold/flip combo that she is calling the “Polish Flip”, a name given because she filmed this in beautiful Gdansk, Poland, but we really get to see Babz hoop in this too and that alone makes it more than worth your time. It’s her first video in months and we’re excited to share it with you. Check out the variations on the move as well. Babz lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, and the soundtrack for this is “Blue Monday” by Plastik Funk & Kurd Maverick and you can snag it for your very own on iTunes.

Hooping Tutorials: Christmas Wrap Combo

Babz Robinson Babz Robinson of Wild Girl Hoops serves up a slow motion tutorial on a body wrap that Sharna Rose created years ago. Why? She explains, “I don’t see enough people rock this move or at least the whole thing.” Shot at beautiful Lake O’Hara in the Canadian Rockies, it’s always a treat when we get to learn something with Babz. After all, she just won Hoopie Awards for Instructor of the Year and Tutorial of the Year. She lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, and the soundtrack is “Sonicturtle’s Coupe Decale” by Adham Shaikh and it’s available on iTunes.

Hooping Idol 2 Welcomes Babz Robinson

Babz Robinson

Babz Robinson

Hooping Idol 2 officially got underway last week and we’ve introduced you to Judge #1 and Judge #2. Now it’s time to introduce you to Judge #3 so ladies and gentlemen, please give a great big Hooping Idol welcome to Babz Robinson! Babz comes to us from the great northern lands of Canada where she has been spinning things up since 2003 – our first Canadian connection back in the day. Having always been the one teaching others what she has been able to learn along the way, it wasn’t long before she was creating community and performing, becoming the iconic original hooper on the platforms at Shambhala, Motion Notion and other festivals throughout Western Canada. Soon she was teaching hooping workshops at festivals and on her home turf, training students who would go on to teach their own classes across Canada and beyond. In her travels with her hoop in tow, Babz has made the news while inspiring locals and others en route to start spinning things up in Costa Rica, Thailand and Sumatra. She’s also well-known for her awesomely advanced, professional and incredibly helpful hooping tutorials which she shares with the world for fun and for free. If Babz is making something, it’s gonna be good. In fact she’s received Hoopie Award nominations for her tutorials, as well as for Instructor of the Year, for two years running. She lives in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, where she can be found hooping in the Rocky Mountains, teaching classes and working a day job while performing on weekends and throughout the summer. Babz is psyched to be on board for Hooping Idol 2 and we couldn’t be more excited to have her sitting at the judge’s table. That’s all three judges for Hooping Idol – but wait, there’s four this year! Stay tuned to find out about Judge #4 later today.