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Jen Frise

LED Hooping with Jen Frise

Jen Frise makes her hooping.org debut in a sweet and often slow motion video that spins pretty lights from her LED hoop bright out in the street at dusk, as well as after dark....

Michelle Ivanek

Hooping in the Kananaskis

Michelle Ivanek, otherwise known as LUNA the hoop fairy, spins up multiple hoops at Elbow Falls on her amazing hike in the Kananaskis. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Michael Di Benedetto.

Christina Marie Hooping

Hoop Dancing with Christina Marie

Christina Marie makes her hooping.org debut in something gorgeous that is sure to leave you feeling good. Spinning up single and double hoops, day hoops and LEDs, the slow motion groove of her first...

Aerial Emery

Aerial Emery Hula Hoops

Are you ready for something amazing? Good, because Aerial Emery’s latest hula hoop demo is a tour de force from start to finish, showcasing her incredible circus hooping skills like never before. It’s fast,...

Aerial Emery Hula Hoops

Hula Hooping with Aerial Emery

Aerial Emery of AerialEmery.com spins up multiple hula hoops in this beautiful shot by Norbi Whitney from this photo set. Aerial lives in Québec City, Québec, Canada.

Courtney McCormick

Courtney Mccormick

Courtney Mccormick is airborne in this great hooping shot by Alison Paananen. You probably remember Courtney from Hooping Idol 3 earlier this year. She lives in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada.

Blaire Hammer hooping

Blaire Hammer: Hula Hooping Bliss

Blue-haired Blaire Hammer, aka Ursa Minor, doesn’t need anything extra in her “Hula Hooping Bliss” video. All she needs are her hoops and her effortless flow. Blaire is front and center, showcasing her hoop...

Melodie Lamoureux

Melodie Lamoureux: Hooping Around the World

Melodie Lamoureux has been traveling the world thanks to her hula hoop gig on Celebrity Cruises. She says, “Hooping around the world is a project I started six months ago. Instead of collecting souvenirs,...

Aerial Emery

Aerial Emery

In Aerial Emery’s new “crazy hula hoop video” we get to see one of the instructors at Turbo Fest 8 this coming January, spinning up the fun, along with some seriously cool moves along...

Jenny Hoopnosis Underwater Hooping

Jenny Hoopnosis: Hooping Underwater

Jenny Hoopnosis of Hoopnosis Hula Hoop Dance takes a spin underwater with her hoop in this gorgeous photo by Eiko Jones, a local underwater photographer. She lives in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.



Being an artist is tough on one’s spirit. Being a circus artist is tough on the spirit, the heart, the mind and the body. “Circulart” showcases the exploits of several female circus artists working...

Matthew Branieu Hula Hooping

Matthew Branieu

Matthew Branieu likes to shake it. Matthew Branieu likes to get a little funky in the park, a park that proudly displays the beautiful reds and golds of Autumn. Matthew Branieu likes to have...

Babz Robinson

The Polish Flip

Babz Robinson not only serves up a slow motion tutorial on a fold/flip combo that she is calling the “Polish Flip”, a name given because she filmed this in beautiful Gdansk, Poland, but we...

Hula Hoop Flash Mob

Hooping Flash Mob Spins Victoria

Flash mobs have been popping up all over the world for the past few years, but here’s a video of one with hoops! Featuring hoopers of all ages, young and old join forces to catch...

teddy anderson

Hoop Dancer Teddy Anderson

Traditional hoop dancer Teddy Anderson has traveled to over 17 different countries sharing his hoop skills and spreading a message of peace. In this video, he puts a modern twist on traditional hoop dance and uses...