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Isabella Hoops Spins It Up

Isabella Hoops What’s black and white and red all over? This sassy and spirited new hooping video from Isabella Hoops of Isabella Hoops Entertainment! With her passion for entertaining she brings her own style of dance and rhythm to circus style hula hooping and spins up the extraordinary. Isabella currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the soundtrack here is called “Crash” by Adventure Club and you can find a copy of it for your very own collection over on iTunes.

LED Hooping with Jen Frise

Jen Frise Jen Frise makes her hooping.org debut in a sweet and often slow motion video that spins pretty lights from her LED hoop bright out in the street at dusk, as well as after dark. Filmed by Shea Brown, there’s something special about this that put a smile on our face and a spring in our summer. Jen lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the soundtrack for this is “Don’t Leave” by Ellie Goulding & Seven Lions and you can get a copy of it for your own music collection quite easily on iTunes.

Hoop Dancing with Christina Marie

Christina Marie Hooping Christina Marie makes her hooping.org debut in something gorgeous that is sure to leave you feeling good. Spinning up single and double hoops, day hoops and LEDs, the slow motion groove of her first video is beautifully done and spun from start to finish. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The video was filmed and produced by Paul MacLean at MacBro Productions and the soundtrack for this is the Bassnectar remix of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone from the First Ladies of Verve remix project which you can get quite easily over on iTunes.

Aerial Emery Hula Hoops

Aerial Emery Are you ready for something amazing? Good, because Aerial Emery’s latest hula hoop demo is a tour de force from start to finish, showcasing her incredible circus hooping skills like never before. It’s fast, fierce and truly fabulous so check it out. You’ll be glad that you did. Aerial lives in Québec, Québec, Canada, and the soundtrack for this video is “Kostrzyn” by múm and you can get a CD of the EP for yourself over on Amazon.

Blaire Hammer: Hula Hooping Bliss

Blaire  Hammer hooping Blue-haired Blaire Hammer, aka Ursa Minor, doesn’t need anything extra in her “Hula Hooping Bliss” video. All she needs are her hoops and her effortless flow. Blaire is front and center, showcasing her hoop skills in an empty room completely devoid of any furnishings or decoration. Despite the starkness of her surroundings, she finesses those hoops and fills the space with playfulness and charm. And just like the title of her video, watching Blaire hooping is pure bliss. Daniel Nobre and Daniel Kerr of A Second Sun Production add their own flair as videographer and editor, respectively. Blaire lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the soundtrack for this is “Intro” by The xx which you can download on iTunes.

Melodie Lamoureux: Hooping Around the World

Melodie Lamoureux Melodie Lamoureux has been traveling the world thanks to her hula hoop gig on Celebrity Cruises. She says, “Hooping around the world is a project I started six months ago. Instead of collecting souvenirs, I wanted to collect photos and footage of some of the beautiful destinations life has brought me to.” Watch for scenes from Juneau and Skagway’s Lower Lake in Alaska, Victoria, British Columbia – Seattle, Washington – San Francisco, California – and Lahaïna, Hawaii. Melodie currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, when she’s not hooping on the high seas, and the song she’s dancing to here is “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root, which you can snag on iTunes.