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Ella Cormier

Ella Cormier Hooping Check out this hooping video of Ella Cormier practicing her skills in her yard on a sunny afternoon. She looks like she’s having a great time even though it’s still a bit chilly outside – and we are totally loving her funky leggings! As Ella puts it, “I finally made it outside for some tricks.” She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and the music that she’s hooping to in this is called “Cirkus” by Gramatik and you can snag your own copy of it on iTunes.

Jade Dussault: Hoop Artist

Jade Dussault Jade Dussault is a passionate circus artist most recently seen in Cirque du Soleil, Le Cirque Fantastique and Cirque Magnifique. Performing a hypnotizing combination of hooping, juggling, contact moves and acrobatics, she never ceases to leave us in awe and inspire us along the way. It’s seven minutes long, but it’s seven minutes well spent for anyone who loves to hoop. Jade lives in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, and the soundtrack for this video is “The Antikythera Mechanism” by B.T. and it’s available for you to purchase on Amazon.

Hooping Flash Mob Spins Victoria

Hula Hoop Flash MobFlash mobs have been popping up all over the world for the past few years, but here’s a video of one with hoops! Featuring hoopers of all ages, young and old join forces to catch bystanders off guard with a random outbreak of  hula hooping in this flash mob video filmed during the Chalk Festival at Bastion Square in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Filmed by hooper Randie “Anastasia” Ruckle, other hoopers include
Amanda Jennifer, Crystal Hadikin, Shannon Higgins, and Corinne and her daughter Skye. The soundtrack for this is “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive and you can get it on iTunes. Now on that note, maybe it’s time to plan your own hooping flash mob in your hometown!

HULA: Vancouver’s Hip Urban Hooping Playground

Vancouver HULA! Something really incredible is happening for hoopers this month in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and while other cities have been closing down city streets for people to enjoy biking and walking and playing in general, taking back a stretch of road to spin up a temporary urban park, Vancouver is the first city we’ve heard of to do it specifically for hooping. Vancouverites have the opportunity to experience hooping this month in a way that few will ever get the chance to, spinning things up in the middle of Granville Street, a popular and very busy thoroughfare. It’s all part of creating HULA! – a very cool and very hip urban hula hoop playground.

Vancouver HULA! It’s not simply a matter of closing down a street for hoopers either. It’s more than that. Designed by architectural graduates Byron Chiang and Zhaleh Moulaei, and working with the help of the structural engineering consulting firm, Bevan-Pritchard Man, they’ve built a lightweight pavilion made with 200 hula hoops. The hoops are painstakingly arranged to create an inviting space for people to give hooping a spin. VIVA Vancouver and the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association are behind the awesome temporary installations.

Vancouver HULA!

The free events that are taking place this month in downtown Vancouver are bringing together urban space and body, social interaction and excitement. Passersby are encouraged to hoop with one of the loose fruitful hoops on the ground and in case you’ve missed the earlier opportunity in front of Pacific Centre Mall on Granville Street, you can still check it out this coming weekend on August 25th at the same location between 10:00am and 6:00pm. VIVA Vancouver began in 2010 as a City of Vancouver initiative to transform streets into vibrant public spaces. The complete city calendar is available here.

Hooping It Up in Halifax

Stephanie Balcom “A lot of people will ask me what do you do for exercise? When I say hula hooping, the reaction is often ‘What?'” That’s what Stephanie Balcom recently told Halifax News in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. “It’s known to burn 400 to 600 calories per hour,” she added. “At the gym you may have moments where you feel like you’re going to die. You don’t feel that with hula hooping. I’ve hooked friends on it. When we get together we always have hoops out, and most people want to try it to see if they can do it. It’s so much fun.”

Stephanie also recently started the Halifax City Hoopers group to connect local hoopers and to help increase awareness. In fact, members of the group will be hooping it up at the Switch Festival in Dartmouth and Balcom hopes to begin expanding the group’s reach throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality. Her hope is that they can have regular hooping get togethers and attend local events together. Her love of hooping has also led Balcom to start her own hooping business making and selling hoops at HulaNova.

Princess Isabella Hoops

Princess Isabella HoopsWith all of the excitement about the new royal baby, we’re pretty excited about the new demo video from Princess Isabella Hoops of Isabella Hoops Entertainment. It totally rocks! She’s got hoop skills, charm, a little flirtatious energy and quirky humor, all of which come together to spin up something unforgettable. Isabella’s been hooping and dancing for many years and firmly believes that everyone can hula-hoop and her royal mission is to help people learn and to make sure everyone walks away with a smile on their face. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the soundtrack for this is “Come & Get It” by Krewella and you can score a copy of it for your own on iTunes.

Hawaii Hooping Holiday

Blaire Hammer Let’s get away from it all and take our hoops to the warm and wonderful beaches of beautiful Hawaii, shall we? Or at least we can pretend we are along for the ride with Ursa Minor of the Spinning Lotus Collective, who is otherwise known as Blaire Hammer. In her hooping travelogue she takes us on a Hawaiian holiday at sunset, spinning up some pretty moves in a very pretty place and the result is sure to be a most welcome mental vacation and hoop break in the midst of your busy day. She’s from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the soundtrack for this video is by Krystle Love B.

Amanda Syryda

Amanda Syryda Hoopers can’t help but hoop everywhere we go because, well, why wouldn’t you? A wonderful trip anywhere is made even sweeter with hooping and Amanda Syryda of Hip Flick Hoops takes us on a hoop tour of her recent travels, showing us how this is done via clips of her 3 month trip to Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.” I think her title sums it up best, “4 Countries, 3 Months, 2 Hoops, 1 Girl Living the Dream.” Amanda lives in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada, and her song of choice for this is “California Sunrise” by Dirty Gold and it’s available on iTunes.