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Caitlin Hofer by Faith Images

Rolling Doubles with Isopuppy

Isopuppy, otherwise known as Caitlin Hofer of Fern Gully Creations, rolls two yellow twin hoops across her chest at a swimming pool. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Photo by Faith Images.


Hooping for Darfur with Tiia Maaret

Tiia Maaret of Hoop The Flow continues to amaze us with her beautiful flow and dramatic movement both inside and outside of her hoop. This time she hoops to bring awareness to the injustices...

Ashley Pintek

Hoop with Ashley Pintek

Prepare to be activated by Ashley Pintek’s movement piece that captures the fun, love and laughter of hooping on the beach in California. With her mesmerizing moves and beautiful setting, this video is truly...

Big Sur Hooping with Katie Emmitt

Big Sur Hooping with Katie Emmit

Katie Emmitt of Katie Emmitt: Visual and Performance Art amazes us with a radiant hoop dance video chock full of light. She says, “Went to the Julia Pfeiffer Beach and it was amazing! Highly...

Kai Crusos

Kai Crusos at the Santa Cruz Lighthouse

Let’s pay a night time visit to the Santa Cruz Lighthouse where Kai Crusos is waiting to spin up a simply stunning performance. Filmed by Kenny Hoff, Kai’s twin and foot hooping skills, acrobatics...

Shakti Sunfire

A Dance for the WILDS with Shakti Sunfire

Hoop dancer Shakti Sunfire never ceases to blow us away and her new video leaves us just short of speechless with it’s stunning beauty. Prepare to be captivated by her smooth moves in what...