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Cameron Murphey Hooping

Hoop Dancing with Cameron Murphey

How many times have you caught yourself holding your breath as you hula hoop? Well, Cameron Murphey reminds us to breathe in his hooping.org debut with awesome footage of him getting his flow on with...

Tiana Zoumer

Tiana Zoumer in Bali

Tiana Zoumer flows with her hoop at the Sacred Circularities gathering, held in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. She lives in Oakland, California, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography.

Meg Amor hooping

Introducing Meg Amor

Hoop dancer Meg Amor is featured in this new video filmed by Jason Mackey, a friend of hers. Jason says, “Meg is a friend of mine who has a passion for hula hooping and fire...

Harmony and Kai Hooping

Harmony Rythm and Kai Crusos

Harmony Rythm and Kai Crusos spin hula hoops around their knees while holding hands at this beautiful beach in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Photo by photographer Kenny Hoff.

tiia maaret hooping

Tiia Maaret

Tiia Maaret of Hoop The Flow spins her hoop at Alameda Beach in Alameda, California. She lives in Oakland, California, USA. Photo courtesy of Ryan Leibrich / Golden Gate Xpress.

Mary Grace by Brett Bloxom

Mary Grace

Mary Grace hula hoops against a gorgeous sunset near Bishop, California, USA. Photo by Brett Bloxom.

jessica jones

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones spins up some graceful hooping in a photoshoot with Christine Hewitt of Yogic Photos. She lives in San Diego, California, USA.

Jennifer Ong

Jennifer Ong

Hooper Jennifer Ong is celebrating her very first hoopiversary by getting down with her hot pink hula hoops in a mean green setting! She told us, “I have a long way to go, but I...


Madison Orange at La Villa Basque

Madison Orange dances with her LED hoop at the Thanksgiving Eve Black and White Party with AREA 33 and Camp Charlie, held at La Villa Basque in Los Angeles, California, USA. Photo by Oh...

ninja hoops

London Flow- Ninja Hoops 2013

Who needs ninja stars when you have Ninja Hoops?!  Zach Fischer and Marria Grace  of Ninja Hoops strike again with their recent video showing off some updated skills.  If you move quickly (you know, like a ninja!),...


Obaro Ene

In this self portrait, Obaro Ene, also known as “Hoop Brotha Flex”, demonstrates The Fit Cycle’s‘ philosophy of “incorporating fitness anywhere, everywhere, and always”. He lives in Venice, California, USA.

Jocelyn Gordon

Jocelyn Gordon

Jocelyn Gordon of Hoop Yogini spins her hoop at the Enchanted Forest Gathering held in a Redwood forest in Mendocino, California, USA. Photo by Cadencia Photography.